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Wallpapers are a fantastic way to bring a space to life – they’re a great way to add your business or brand’s personality into your interior design, and with PressOn, the printing options when it comes to wallpaper surface designs are almost limitless.

We can print your design onto virtually any material, helping you to satisfy the growing demand in the interior design world for creative and innovative surface design. We are particularly known for our expertise when printing onto foils and metallic materials, creating unusual layered and reflective effects for our customers.

Wallpaper and surface design for restaurant

The wallpaper substrates we use come in a range of finishes suitable for different environments. Each is fire retardant in accordance with EN13501-1:2007 and available in a range of pre-pasted, unpasted and heavy traffic options. We can also laminate wallpapers to make them ideal for humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. We also laminate with anti-bacterial coating to the wallpapers making them ideal for hospitals and catering spaces

Our large format printing machinery can produce large width wallpapers (to 1300mm) and wall murals and graphics without joins (to 3200mm wide). For smaller scale domestic settings we can also print and supply standard wallpaper at 600mm wide.

We have worked on a number of commercial wallpaper and surface design installations in restaurants, hotels, bars and residential homes around the world working with interior designers, architects, stylists and design agencies.

Wallpaper for commercial hotels

We have also produced integrated branded campaigns for retail stores, using wallpaper, coordinating floor graphics, ceiling graphics and POS.

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