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One-Piece Wall Graphics are one of the most effective print installations when it comes to making an impression, or transforming a space.

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From pop-up immersive retail spaces, to productivity-inspiring office refurbishments, one piece wall graphics offer brands and businesses the power to make an impression with their imagery or advertising in a seamless, impactful way. 

Visually captivating, totally seamless

In terms of visual impact, one-piece wall graphics offer a completely seamless solution – rather than comprising several individual panels which are then installed together, they’re printed onto one single piece of long, wide material. The result is a visual statement that viewers are unlikely to forget. 

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An environmentally-conscious solution

PressOn’s one-piece wall graphics offer a more sustainable solution to traditional alternatives – they can be transported efficiently, reducing emissions; they’re durable and won’t need regular replacement, and they benefit from all of the steps PressOn have taken to reduce our environmental impact across a project’s entire lifespan. 

Wall Graphics FAQs

We’ve listed a few common questions about our one-piece wall graphics below:

How big are PressOn's one-piece wall graphics?

The size of our one-piece wall graphics can be adapted for the needs of your specific project, but they can be printed up to 3.2 metres wide, and up to 50 metres long.

How long does a hoarding project take?

The length of time from initial brief to installation varies depending on the project (for example, installation will sometimes need to be completed overnight, or to coincide with a road closure).

With PressOn, the actual time it takes to print/complete the installation is minimal. We’ve been known to turn projects around in a matter of days, sometimes even printing products the same day the artwork comes through.

What surfaces can the prints be installed onto?

Almost any – we’ve even installed onto historically-significant Italian marble… PressOn treat every installation individually, and our project managers will work with you to ensure we use the right materials for your surface.

What kind of material do you use?

Using our cutting-edge HP printing machinery, we can print onto a wide range of materials – even metallic substrates. We’ll determine the best material for your requirements in collaboration with you, to ensure the right finish for your specific scenario.

To find out more or to discuss your One-Piece Wall Graphics project, contact PressOn
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Reliable, consistent

No matter how tight the deadlines are, how complex the project, or how demanding the conditions, PressOn complete every project to the highest standard. Whatever the scale, our experienced project managers will ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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