Tension fabric systems

Tension fabric systems (TFS) use graphics printed on fabric with a robust stitched edge. The textile is then stretched across to meet the edges of an aluminium frame. The fabric is held in place with simple but robust fixings that are stretched across and grip into a frame. The frame can be left visible or the graphics can wrap around to appear seamless. This creates a popular and high impact “edge to edge” effect.

Tension fabric systems – cost effective and versatile

Tension fabric systems are gaining in popularity as a cost effective and versatile method to display graphics for any event or space. Most commonly used at exhibitions, retail spaces, window displays, showrooms, exhibitions – their versatility is endless.

The technology utilises a lightweight aluminium frame. These frames can fixed to a wall, hung from a ceiling or installed as a standalone item. There is also no limit on the maximum size of graphics as different systems can be combined with fabrics to provide floor to ceiling and wall to wall graphics. This makes them suitable for large scale retail spaces and outdoor venues such as sports stadia.

Easy to install

A great benefit of the technology is that these tension systems are interchangeable and very quick and easy to install. This provides a very cost effective and sustainable, adaptable medium for internal and external branding and advertising.


Having a modular designed frames and foldable fabrics, means many installations can be replaced or updated by non-skilled individuals. The frame simply clicks together and any creases in the fabric are removed when they are tensioned across the frame. This saves time and costs for many companies with no need to use a specialist team onsite during unsociable hours or make special arrangements for delivery of large and delicate advertising boards or hoardings.

TFS is a very versatile graphic solution. The framework can be supplied with vertical or horizontal curves to create archways, 3D shapes or even wrap around corners. Available as a single or double sided displays TFS introduces a flexible, streamlined and dynamic impact to an environment that many other displays mediums have failed to provide in the past.

With its ease of install, removal, replacement and transport, TFS is arguably the most effective solution on the market.