Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestation is generally applied to any glazed area within an office or workplace environment. It is applied where there is a possibility of people causing themselves injury. The placement and texture of the materials on office partitions, windows and doors are key.  It must make the area visible so that it serves its primary purpose as a safety. Bespoke manifestation designs also enable corporates and retail outlets to use glass manifestations as part of branding and advertising programmes.

Building Regulations and Health, Safety and Workplace Requirements

The correct application of glazing manifestation is a Health and Safety requirement under regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and the Workplace) Regulations 1992 and Building Regulation 2000:Part M. It might be surprising to hear that there are around 52,000 accidents and 9 fatalities per year in the UK that involve glass fixtures. You can read more about glass manifestation regulations here.

We will work with your team to ensure you meet your company’s Health and Safety and Building Regulation obligations when designing and applying vinyl to make glazing and glass partitions visible.

Open plan v privacy in office spaces

A trend towards more open and collaborative office environments means glazing is used to facilitate this cultural change. This increased use of glass means challenges for interior design. As well as the health and safety requirements, privacy is also an issue. Though most companies now are firmly advocating an open work space floor plan there will always need to be a consideration for privacy. So in combination with designing manifestation that meets the HSE requirements, it is necessary at the same time to consider how the design of the glass graphics assist in subtly ensuring meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces and breakout areas maintain the required level of visual privacy from the extended office environment.

Corporate branding and advertising opportunities

In addition to the personal safety and privacy considerations, when specifying glass manifestation it is a cost effective opportunity to take account of the company’s corporate identity aspirations. A thoughtfully designed glazing manifestation plan can help to sharpen a brand, visually engage the staff and visitors and help towards creating a more stimulating workplace.  Studies have shown that well designed on brand corporate interiors ultimately make for a more productive workforce.

Press On have many years experience in specifying and installing glazing manifestation for projects that require planning, design and regular consultation with the client.