Glass Manifestations

Social Distancing Signs and Glass Manifestations

Help to maintain social distancing and  safety with signs and distance markers on windows in shops and offices. We can produce branded glass manifestations and window films.

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Glass Manifestations are a hugely effective and eye-catching way to brand an interior space – they’re a legal safety requirement, but also provide one of the best opportunities to make an interior environment unique, and memorable.

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For more information, take a look at our blog post on the rules and regulations for glass manifestations.

What are glass manifestations?

Glass Manifestation is generally applied to any glazed area within an office or workplace environment. It is applied where there is a possibility of people causing themselves injury. The placement and texture of the materials on office partitions, windows and doors are key.

Glass Manifestations are a legal requirement

Glass manifestations are actually a legal requirement, and for good reason – there are around 52,000 accidents and nine fatalities per year in the UK involving glass fixtures. Under regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and the Workplace) Regulations 1992, and the Building Regulations 2000: Part M, large glazing needs to be marked to make it visible – but as long as the manifestations meet the right specifications, there’s no limit to the kind of designs you can implement. This is where bespoke printed glass manifestations come in…

Read our blog post on the rules, requirements and regulations for glass manifestations

Make your interior spaces unforgettable

Printed glass manifestations are one of the most effective ways to brand your workspace – giving your interior a sense of identity, which communicates the spirit of your company (or a specific campaign) perfectly.

Studies have shown that well-designed, on-brand corporate interiors make for a more productive workforce – and a thoughtfully-designed glazing manifestation plan can help to sharpen a brand, visually engage the staff and visitors, and help create a more stimulating workplace.

Perfect for adding privacy to an office

Office workspaces and other commercial interior spaces are changing. More offices than ever before are now open plan, and glass-walled offices and other glazed partitions are becoming increasingly common.

Maintaining privacy in these spaces can still be important, and as glass surfaces will need markings anyway, custom printed glass graphics are the perfect way to subtly ensure privacy, meet your HSE requirements, and strengthen your interior branding – all for one single cost.

Glass manifestations – the PressOn way

We’re fortunate to have a highly talented team of project managers and print specialists. Their years of experience, across hundreds of projects, mean they’re perfectly placed to make the process of designing and installing a set of glass manifestations fast, easy, and hassle-free.

Our team will work with you closely from the moment you get in touch – your PressOn project manager will act as a consultant, helping you to determine the right types of manifestation for your specific requirements.

The best equipment and materials

Using cutting-edge digital print technology, we can produce any kind of designs for glass manifestations to extremely tight deadlines and to the absolute highest quality. We offer a comprehensive range of styles, finishes, and materials, and our expert colourists use the latest software to ensure perfect consistency across all of your graphics.

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PressOn offer a comprehensive range of printed and bespoke glass manifestations – our expert project managers work closely with all our clients to help them find the perfect solutions for their individual requirements.

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