Low Environmental Impact Print Solutions

PressOn have been taking steps to lower our environmental impact, providing our clients with better insight and opportunities for lower-impact print solutions.

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By adapting our processes, embracing new technology, and diversifying the materials and solutions we offer, PressOn are able to offer our clients a range of high-quality, low-environment-impact printing solutions – for projects in everything from retail to construction.

Recyclable vehicle liveries

With sustainability more crucial for our clients than ever, PressOn now offer recyclable taxi liveries (via Metamark’s new Metastream service) to ensure your campaigns maintain a minimal environmental impact. PressOn print, install, remove, and recycle your liveries to ensure the entire process is as low-impact as possible.

Tension fabric cube prints

Low environmental impact printing

Environmental  impact has never been more pressing, and with these concerns now front and centre for many of our clients when it comes to their print projects, PressOn have examined how we can adapt the solutions, materials, processes, and more, to cater to these requirements. 

New printing technology

Productive Partnerships

PressOn work closely with our partners to provide forward-thinking, low-impact solutions. HP provide PressOn with solvent-free, recyclable cartridge latex inks, and access to their ‘take back’ scheme on all their machinery at end of life. Where possible, PressOn also work with UK manufacturers to minimise carbon emissions from transport.

Zero-Landfill Printing

PressOn ensure action is taken to reduce impact at every stage of a project – from conception to disposal. By working with waste management specialists Veolia, PressOn ensure that none of our waste is sent to landfill, and is either recycled or processed for energy recovery.

Low-environmental impact printing FAQs

We’ve answered a few common questions we get asked about our low-environmental impact solutions here:

How will PressOn ensure my project’s impact is minimised?

PressOn evaluate every project from the initial brief, to evaluate how best we can reduce the overall environmental impact. This could mean recommending specific solutions or materials, or making adjustments to ensure the most effective approaches for installation or removal.

How have PressOn’s changed their print solutions to reduce impact?

PressOn have adapted our print solutions to reduce their overall environmental impact. We wrap taxis in PVC-free vinyl; we create floor graphics in aluminium-based materials, and displays that were once PVC-based can now be substituted directly for recycled polyester PET products – from window graphics to tension fabric frames.

Which large format solution offers the lowest environmental impact?

We recommend tension fabric frames for most banner and signage projects – these solutions are made of a printed image on a recycled PET fabric banner, which is suspended in an aluminium frame. They are recyclable, reusable, and versatile – the frame can be configured to almost any shape and size – and they can be rolled up and broken down for transport, eliminating the need for large transportation vehicles. 

They can also be installed, removed, or the graphics swapped in and out easily – with no need for any training or experience. The fabric simply pops into the frame via a silicone edge, meaning anyone can install or remove the graphics with ease.

To find out more or to discuss your Low Environmental Impact Print Solutions project, contact PressOn
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Reliable, consistent

No matter how tight the deadlines are, how complex the project, or how demanding the conditions, PressOn complete every project to the highest standard, taking every step we can to reduce impact, but ensuring your requirements and deadlines come first. Whatever the scale, our experienced project managers will ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently. 

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