Taxi Wraps

Taxi wraps are one of the most effective and impactful outdoor advertising formats. They’re an eye-catching, memorable, and cost-effective way to reach a huge audience around the clock, spreading your brand or business’s message throughout some of the UK’s busiest urban environments.

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What are taxi graphics?

Taxis are the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for an outdoor advertising campaign. Using cutting edge printing and finishing equipment/materials, PressOn print and install flawless graphics onto fleets of taxis, conveying your brand messaging to the thousands of people every day who see them. 

High impact outdoor advertising

Most people are used to seeing adverts on billboards – but taxi graphics are something a little more unusual. As they drive past, colourful and eye-catching graphics which adorn the entire vehicle are a hugely effective way of capturing the attention of passersby, and achieving a massive reach for your campaign. 

Branding on the go

While static adverts, such as hoardings, are at the mercy of passersby in terms of their reach, taxis are always on the go. As a result, they reach a huge and diverse audience, over a large geographic location – which exponentially expands depending on how many taxis you brand. With whole fleets available, the potential for exposure across huge catchment areas is vast. 

Massive shareability

One thing that sets taxi wraps and taxi graphics apart is how shareable they are. It’s harder than ever to stand out and make an impact in today’s saturated advertising market, and the more you can get people talking about your brand or advert, the better. Taxi wraps naturally lend themselves to online social sharing because of how unique they are. 

The right creative design, with the right messaging, combined with the unique format of a taxi wrap make tempting fodder for social media posts. Instagram photos, Tweets, Snapchat shares and more are common, with many of our taxi campaigns leading to hundreds of thousands of views online alone.

Taxi wraps – the PressOn Way

Using cutting-edge digital print technology, we can produce any kind of designs for taxi wraps to extremely tight deadlines, and to the absolute highest quality. We offer a comprehensive range of styles and finishes, and our expert colourists use the latest software to ensure perfect consistency across all of your graphics. 

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