Bespoke Acoustic Panels

We can create bespoke acoustic panels or screens for your office, hotel or restaurant by using your unique art panel design, printing it and then upholstering sound deadening screens to complement your interior scheme. We print your design onto a suitable covering material and then add it to a foam-filled sound dampening panel to create a visually integrated (or corporate branded) acoustic sound dampener. Any of these designs from any collection can be printed by us and made into an acoustic panel.

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Acoustic panels are designed to absorb noise and sound and are traditionally made of single colour fabrics. With our service you can integrate the sound absorbing screens into your interior decor scheme – perfect for creating branded environments, and in hotels, and restaurants. Coordinating the acoustic panels lends a high end luxury look and feel to what is a very functional product.

In these images the acoustic panels are integrated into design schemes as wall graphics in a hotel, ceilings, sliding doors and as wall graphics in restaurants, hiding the functional aspects of their purpose.