Robin Sprong Surface Design – Harem Nightclub

Client: Robin Sprong, Soda Creations
Sector: Hotel
Services: Print

Robin Sprong Surface Design – Harem Nightclub, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Large format textile prints have become so popular because of the patterns machines are now able to print. But what is an even greater feat is the fact that we now also have the ability to print photographs onto textiles- something that which was never possible in the past.

An example of what can be done with large format textile printing which is photographic in nature is the job we did at the Harem Nightclub in Johannesburg.

The concept behind the Harem Nightclub job was to find a way of translating the brand identity into a Turkish/Arabian theme which would communicate the concept of the brand via effective visual means. Creative thinking led our team to finding innovative solutions to this particular brief, by using digital artworks across an array of different printable media.

We used curtains, bathroom walls, bar-tops and vinyl, to best capture the client’s desired “look and feel” for the envisaged environment.

Our team executed the entire process- from concept development, planning and digitizing, straight through to the physical printing and installation of the final pieces.

Our prized work though was definitely the curtains, which we used to dress the walls in the VIP rooms. We decided, in collaboration with the client, to use these curtains which surrounded the perimeter of the room to drastically change the environment of the space in which we were working. We realized that by printing imagery onto their fabric, we livened the walls and transformed the look and feel of the club. We enlarged high resolution images of the exquisite eyes of Arabian women, and printed them onto the curtains. The eyes appear to have focus points all over and across the room, resulting in onlookers feeling as if their gaze is constantly being met with those of a beautiful stranger.

The final outcome of this very tricky and exclusive venture looked fantastic. And more so than anything else, it really managed to echo the brand identity which related to the idea of royalty, luxury decor and the role which the consumer takes on when entering the premises.

The fact that one can use large format textile prints to modify and change environments is what makes it such a successful and growing global trend.

This project was completed with Soda Creations and images are courtesy of Soda Creations.

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