Interiors – Branded Offices

Advances in digital print technology and the substrates we can now use to print on, has resulted in companies being able to enjoy fully branded offices and other corporate interior spaces – cost-effectively.

A host of research now shows employees working in branded offices report that the branded environment can help with the communication and understanding of a company’s brands values and ethos and can also improve employees’ well-being and productivity. It also helps customers and visitors to understand and buy into a company’s brand from their very first impression as they are greeted by an on-brand reception area echoing the external signage.

branded hoarding for office and reception areasMost commonly, companies will brand exterior signage, internal way finding signage, glass manifestations and windows, floor graphics, lifts graphics, doors, walls and ceilings. Office furniture can also be branded – there is a printed solution for almost any surface.

At PressOn we also offer a range of products that can help create a flexible and productive working environment in a branded corporate space. With the trend for open plan office spaces enabling collaboration and creativity amongst teams, the need for some privacy becomes paramount. Acoustic panels, wall graphics and glass partitioning can create private zoned areas in an open plan meeting area that help to create a productive working environment.

wall graphics in branded office interiorAcoustic sound absorbing panels can be covered in bespoke branded print and used in noisy areas, whilst wall graphics can help with zoning of areas within an open-plan space.

Glazing and glass partitioning can be branded with Heath and Safety compliant graphics and again help with zoning and privacy.


Tension fabric frame systems tension fabric frameprinted with high quality fabric graphics is a cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to covering walls.  The fabric frame system enables the frequent and easy installation of digitally printed graphics without covering entire walls in vinyl. Many companies change these graphics seasonally to create a flexible changing environment for visitors and employees.

Branding can be extended to the floors though the use of durable floor vinyl graphics and can help with way finding in a large corporate space. Similarly branded and themed lift graphics and door graphics and even ceilings can complete the look.