Why One-Piece Wall Graphics Are a Seamless Print Solution

by Andy Wilson
on 11th August 2021

At PressOn, we offer a wide range of print solutions, and combine collaboration, expertise, innovation and creativity to produce truly impactful results. While it is undeniable that we are living in an increasingly digital world, it is also the case (and particularly after extended lockdowns) that advertising in the physical, tactile realm still has the potential to make a huge impression on people. 

Creating richly immersive surroundings in retail or working environments can transform a person’s experience of that space into something memorable, and one-piece wall graphics are (quite literally) a seamless way to make this happen.

E-tailers and online superstores offer their customers convenience, but inevitability at the expense of tangible, sensory experience. Print can be a key part of ensuring that physical retail spaces are richly immersive and inspiring – and this effect also applies in leisure and working environments. 

Whether the aim is to make a space evoke a sense of calm, stimulate the senses or take visitors on an informational journey, with the help of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, it’s possible to bring even the most imaginative concepts to life through one-piece wall graphics. 

Practicality meets Versatility 

one piece wall graphics freddie

Print as a medium is inherently versatile, and it can be utilised to impressive effect in a huge variety of settings. There is greater demand in the interior design world for creative and innovative surface design, and brands more than ever want to make an impression with their shopping, retail and leisure spaces. One piece wall graphics can meet these diverse needs, with possibilities that only end where the collaborative imagination of you and our team does. 

It could be lavishly illustrated graphics that add depth and interest to a Escape Room, inspiring creative imagery of a brand’s best work in their working spaces, or vintage patterns which make a shop feel inviting and endlessly explorable. If you can envision it, we can guide you in the best way to make it possible. 

This versatility isn’t confined to the pictorial element of print. We can print designs onto virtually any material, and we are particularly known for our experience and knowledge in the skill of printing onto foils and metallic materials. The resulting effect is layered and reflective, adding extra notes of visual interest and contributing to the overall “feel” of a space. 

Making a Visual Impact 

one piece wall graphics pink floyd

The appeal of one-piece wall graphics is in the fact they offer a completely seamless solution. Rather than using wallpaper in strips or installing several individual panels, one piece wall graphics are achieved by printing onto a single piece of substrate. As you may imagine, the resulting piece of print can be strikingly large, with the potential to reach 3.2 metres wide and up to 50 metres long. 

This gives brands and businesses the scope to cover huge surfaces in remarkable, uninterrupted designs, without any joins or seams that could detract from the intended effect. Several one-piece wall graphics can also be used in conjunction to cover entire spaces, including floors and ceilings, and the seamless effect can accommodate sophisticated and intricate designs. 

A Sustainable Solution 

one piece wall graphics stag

As we head into the future, the sustainability of our printed solutions is becoming ever more important, and it is certainly a key priority for the team here at PressOn. 

Our one-piece wall graphics offer a more sustainable solution through a variety of factors, including: 

  • Transport: One-piece wall graphics can be transported very efficiently. As one roll of material, they do not need excessive amounts of space or several journeys to arrive at their destination, which helps to minimise the amount of carbon produced in their delivery. 
  • Use of Ink: One of the traditionally problematic areas for the print industry’s environmental impact is in the use of certain types of ink, which are ecologically damaging. This is why we have switched to water-based ink, which is safer and more pleasant to use, contains less pollutants and is more efficiently disposable. 
  • Durability: All our print solutions are manufactured to be as resilient as possible, but the advantage of one-piece wall graphics is that, as a single piece of printed material, the prints are less likely to fray or peel over time. They are also ideal for a more long-term branding and advertising solution, and do not need to be replaced regularly to maintain their effect. 
  • Waste Management: At PressOn, we have partnered with Veolia to become a zero landfill company, ensuring that any waste we produce is either incinerated to create green energy or recycled. For those who are interested, Veolia also provides us with insights in order to keep track of what is happening to our waste, which we can pass on to customers. 

If you are interested in exploring the potential on offer with one-piece wall graphics, take a look at some of our previous installations.

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director