How to Catch People’s Eye With Storefront Window Graphics

by Andy Wilson
on 18th July 2022

As people become more selective in how they spend their money and competition grows ever fiercer, catching people’s eye on the high street is becoming more crucial to success than ever. Luckily, the endless creative potential on offer with storefront window graphics gives brands the opportunity to do just that.

What are storefront window graphics?

Storefront window graphics are a highly impactful and versatile form of advertising collateral which, rather than being displayed on billboards or wall space, are adhered directly to windows. The graphics are printed onto an adhesive film which can be easily applied to (and removed from) glass, and can be produced in an endless variety of forms and designs. 

This means that, across retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses, there are very few limits to the ability of storefront window graphics to capture people’s imagination, and help business owners build their brand. 

Why use storefront window graphics?

Whether a customer has come to you having discovered your brand via social media, or found your premises while exploring a town centre or shopping mall, window graphics are going to be one of the first things about your brand they see in real life. As such, they offer a fantastic opportunity to set the scene, and communicate everything you want your customer to know (and feel) about your business. 

Alongside visual merchandising and other forms of window dressing, window graphics can transform and elevate your branding efforts – whether that’s part of a temporary campaign or long-term design fixture. When thoughtfully designed and expertly printed, window graphics can bring a retail or hospitality space to life, and add another layer to the experience you provide for your customers. 

They are also a highly cost-effective and affordable way to advertise your business, with the added benefit of adding a new dimension of visual interest to your premises in a way that doesn’t involve a huge investment of time, space or money. Window graphics can also, if you choose, be updated regularly, following seasonal promotions or new campaigns, or obscuring building work that is taking place in-store. 

The benefits of storefront window graphics

There are an extensive array of benefits to using storefront window graphics to brand and advertise your business. As a medium, window graphics are: 

Removable: Because window graphics are applied via a gentle adhesive film, they can be easily removed with minimal clean up and leave no permanent marks on the glass itself. This makes them more convenient to business owners than other decorative options, such as window paint, and also a great option for one-off promotions.

Resilient: Window graphics are easy to remove, but this doesn’t mean that business owners need worry that they will soon be faded, cracked or peeling. In fact, window graphics can be extremely resilient, and choices made in their application which ensure they be used as something that defines the character of the business on a long-term, rather than transitory, basis. 

Versatile: There really are near-limitless creative possibilities available to you as a business owner or marketing professional when it comes to making the most of your storefront through window graphics. Whether it’s the delicate use of decals on transparent backgrounds, intricate repeating patterns or bold, blocky prints, you can bring even the most ambitious visions to life. 

How to get creative with storefront window graphics 

In a world where online retailers offer unmatched convenience, physical stores need to offer something even better – a memorable experience. This is even more important in hospitality brands, where first impressions, atmosphere and attention to detail are key to generating a buzz through word of mouth and repeat custom. A great storefront is an important part of this, and can also drive the impulse visits from passersby which make a real difference to your bottom line. 

To really make the most of storefront window graphics, consider your business premises as a whole, and the visual merchandising or interior design which could be enhanced to an outside viewer through extra decorative elements. Storefront window graphics offer the chance to truly make a splash and set your brand apart, so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with visuals and textures. 

You should also consider the role of colour in cementing your brand aesthetic, particularly when used on windows. Glass is a unique substrate and allows for some interesting creative choices, and you can increase the visual appeal of your design by taking the glass itself into account. 

For example, while simply transferring an opaque poster design to a window may work, you can make the graphics even more effective by playing with the transparency of glass and incorporating this into your visuals. It is also possible to factor in how light is going to play on the surface of your design. If, for example, you run a restaurant where beautiful lighting is fundamental to its unique ambience, you can apply window graphics which complement this lighting and make the venue look even more inviting. 

We’ve worked with a large variety of clients who have made some really innovative, inventive and effective design decisions through the medium of window graphics, (check out our case studies for further inspiration) and know that dedicating time and resources creating beautiful storefronts can represent great return on investment. 

At PressOn, we can print window graphics of any size, shape and style, and use a selection of unique materials – including reflective mirror vinyl, which has a highly luxurious finish. This means you can really get creative with your storefront branding, applying everything from small, tasteful details to multi-window, photorealistic murals.  With our new in-house design studio, we can even design your graphics for you – so all you need is a fantastic concept, and we’ll handle the rest. 

If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. 

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director