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One of the most powerful things about print is its versatility, and its ability to make a lasting impact in a huge variety of settings. Brands in every industry from fashion to retail are more savvy than ever when it comes to creating an impression on their consumers, and this has even spread into their offices, with many modern enterprises also looking to create immersive and inspiring spaces for their teams to work in. 

It’s also more important than ever that print firms make use of the best materials and technology at their disposal to ensure their work is efficient, effective, and where possible, minimises environmental impact – all top priorities for many clients. With this in mind, we decided to showcase a print solution which manages to combine all of these: one-piece wall graphics. 

One-piece wall graphics – why are they so effective?

In terms of visual impact, one-piece wall graphics offer a completely seamless solution – rather than comprising several individual panels which are then installed together, they’re printed onto one single piece of long, wide substrate. They’re very large, clocking 3.2 metres wide and up to 50 metres long. 

The result is a single, uninterrupted design which can stretch along entire wall surfaces. This means more complex, intricate designs can be accommodated, semi-matt finish, and grey backing make for better opacity and textural quality. 

PressOn have printed a huge range of one-piece wall graphics on a variety of projects, so we’re taking a look back at some of our highlights from the last couple of years…

HP Reading 

PressOn have a close working relationship with HP; we use HP Latex 3000 series and R series printers on the PressOn print floor, due to their exceptional performance, and pioneering recycling take-back scheme – HP inks are also water-based (making them far less harmful for the environment), with recyclable cartridges. 

In December of 2020, PressOn printed and installed a series of one-piece wall graphics for HP’s Reading office. This was a long-term installation, featuring a variety of inspiring graphics of trees and nature. Studies have shown that exposure to nature can boost mental health and productivity in the workplace, so opting for these outstanding printed graphics are not only a fantastic way to inspire employees and showcase the power of HP printing equipment, but also to provide a positive working environment that’s conducive to productivity. 

Rixo Kings Road 

PressOn have worked with RIXO on several projects; the popular fashion brands have made excellent use of the trend towards temporary pop-up spaces, collaborating with Harrods and opening their own temporary premises in London. In all of their stores and shows, RIXO have been extremely successful in creating inspiring and aligned branded spaces, making outstanding use of print to support their aesthetic vision for their retail spaces. 

In this particular project, which PressOn installed back in August of 2019 for RIXO’s temporary Kings Road store in London, the brand opted for a floor-to-ceiling wall printing featuring a deep red ‘ombre effect’ graphic, for a bold, rich effect. 


Over the course of 2020, Zoom – which was already a household name – has become ubiquitous with the new world of work, with a huge number of people using the platform on a daily basis. The staff at Zoom have been doing an outstanding job at keeping us all connected, and in February 2021, made some inspiring updates to their Holborn office. 

This was a long-term install of a range of graphics, many of which included designs featuring music icons, from Iron Maiden to Freddie Mercury and Pink Floyd. These are a great example of how one-piece wall graphics like these can be used to create powerful branded spaces which entertain, intrigue, or even advertise. 

Fashion Retold, Harrods

PressOn have a long standing working relationship with Harrods, having been their print supplier on a huge range of projects over many years. In 2019, we worked on one of our most unique collaborations: the Fashion Re-Told pop-up. 

The pop-up offered a range of pre-loved and donated luxury and designer fashion items, to raise money for The NSPCC, the UK’s leading children’s charity, and was open for roughly 3 months in the Summer of 2019. One of the primary features of the store was its impeccable visual design, featuring a series of floral one-piece wall graphics which wrapped almost every surface in the space; PressOn also printed floor graphics to complement the walls, which required precise alignment and consistency with the graphics, across different substrate materials. 

A powerful printing solution…

The projects mentioned above are far from the only wall graphics PressOn have produced – in fact, there are too many projects to feature in one case study, so we’ve collected an assortment of imagery below to showcase just how versatile these designs can be. 

If you’d like to discuss a printed wall graphics project, simply get in touch via our contact us page. The team will be more than happy to assist you. 

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