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Now more than ever, brands are recognising the branding potential of their office and workspaces. For staff, visitors, and clients alike, the way an office space looks and feels tells a story about a business – it can inspire your team, convey character, and illustrate your values (as well as your brand aesthetic!)

One of the most effective ways to do this is through a set of custom glass manifestations. These are a necessary addition to many offices in the first place, and we’ve been inspired by the numerous manifestation projects we’ve worked on.

From simple branding, to more elaborate and unusual designs, PressOn have worked with all kinds of business and brands, printing and installing their glass manifestations – we’ve decided to collate a few of our favourite projects, to demonstrate just how impactful these installations can be…

Why use glass manifestations?

Put simply, glass manifestations are the markings that get adhered to large panes of glass to make it clear that the glazing is there, and reduce the chances of anyone walking into it by mistake.

They’re often a legal requirement, and there are a number of regulations which apply that we won’t go into here (for more information, take a look at our article which explains everything you need to know about the relevant rules and requirements for glass manifestations) – but it suffices to say they’re very important.

It’s common to see lines of very simple ‘dots’ on glass windows and doors, and while these are technically adequate, keeping them plain is arguably a missed opportunity. There are numerous design and print combinations available, and we’ve worked on all kinds of unique and unusual manifestations projects – here are a few of our favourites:

Custom Dots for the River Club

river club glass manifestations

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple! The River Club decided to embrace the tried and tested ‘dot’ pattern, but added a unique spin of their own with the addition of a cut-out number ‘25’ in the center of each.

These dots go to show that even designs which aren’t elaborate or complex can still make an impact – these ‘frosted circles’ can be endlessly customised, and there’s a good reason they’re so popular…

Optically clear printed white for Brighton FC

It’s not just corporate brands or businesses that can benefit from a set of unique glass manifestations – and the graphics don’t have to simply feature logos and other branding imagery. PressOn provided Brighton FC with a set of unique manifestations which, when installed, form a mural on the glass wall.

These designs offer a contemporary, unobtrusive visual impact, and create an immersive aesthetic that complements the interiors of the club perfectly. Using Optically clear film printed with white in this way creates a subtle, modern visual effect – perfect for adding character or charm to a space without drawing attention in an intrusive way.

Manifestations for Murphy

‘Frost effect’ Optically Clear

PressOn recently worked with infrastructure specialists J Murphy and Sons Ltd on their head office branding. Among a number of other printed installations including tension fabric systems and wayfinding signage, we created and installed a set of ‘frost effect’ graphics for their glazing.

This subtle but impactful manifestation design includes the Murphy logo, and not only serves the legal safety requirements but also adds a branded privacy screen to Murphy’s interior meeting rooms.

This is one of the most effective uses of glass manifestations – adding privacy. By combining these installations with other interior printing, as Murphy have, brands can create a fully aligned and consistent office space, ticking both aesthetic and practical boxes at once. To take a look at the other installations we completed for Murphy, you can read our case study here.

Clear vinyl frost print with white ink

Murphy also made their glass manifestations a part of the wayfinding signage in their offices – the manifestations here were a legal requirement, but Murphy decided to combine this with a set of helpful printed wayfinding signage, ticking two boxes at once.

The white ink really stands out against the frosted vinyl, adding a layer of additional privacy, meeting the necessary safety requirements and providing useful assistance to visitors all in one stroke.

Cut vinyl logos for Adrian Lee & Partners

Your logo is arguably the cornerstone of your visual branding efforts. It’s a symbol that represents your business, your services, and your identity. It’s also the perfect piece of content for a glass manifestation, and the cut vinyl logos we printed for asset manager Adrian Lee & Partners are a testament to this.

The bold black vinyl really stands out against the clear glass, and adds a great sense of identity to the interior space. Vinyl like this is a hugely popular substrate, for its durability and for its high visual impact.

PressOn utilise a range of cutting edge, precision equipment, which means we aren’t just able to print onto a substrate for a manifestation, but also cut graphics out of them. We can produce all kinds of detailed and intricate designs this way, with the only limit being our clients’ imagination.

Coloured Optically Clear

optically clear glass manifestations

While a simple black, white, or frosted graphic can make a great impact, PressOn have also worked on a number of projects featuring coloured Optically Clear manifestations. These unique designs and graphics still maintain the privacy afforded by a simple monochrome manifestation, but the use of colour can dramatically add to brand cohesion in a truly effective way.

The range of colours available is broad, and can be tailored to any scheme or branding palette. Fade effects and custom printing are all still available too, meaning the customisability of this type of manifestation is as endless as any other substrate.

Optically clear and cut vinyl

While each type of manifestation substrate and style offers a unique aesthetic, it’s also possible to combine the two. Pictured above is a combination of Optically Clear film and cut vinyl, demonstrating the potential of both materials when used in tandem.

By adopting this approach, our clients have embraced a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to their glass manifestations – the Optically Clear vinyl offers a faded, frosted ‘blank canvas’ (which also adds privacy), bringing out the sharp detail of the cut vinyl.

The result is an extremely aesthetically pleasing layered effect that can make designs ‘pop’ and increases the contrast and visual impact of a set of manifestations.

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