Interior Branding – A New Identity For Murphy

Client: Murphy
Sector: Interior Branding
Services: Install, Print

Branding is an essential consideration for any business. Whatever industry you work in, and regardless of whether you operate in a B2C or B2B environment, the way you portray your company to your clients and staff is vital. There are a lot of aspects to branding, and there are a lot of ways you can communicate your values to the people with whom you work; one of the most powerful is through interior design – something that our client Murphy understand perfectly.

wayfinding signage for Murphy

A new look…

Interior branding can be a real challenge for an established business who have been operating in the same office or space for an extended period of time. How do you change your workspace to make it more appealing, inviting, and ensure it communicates who you are and what you do – all at the same time?

Print offers one of the best solutions to these tricky questions. PressOn worked with Murphy on their interior branding, printing a wide range of different installations to be integrated into Murphy’s head office, in London. From wall graphics to glass manifestations, we helped Murphy transform their offices. 

Who are Murphy?

Founded in 1951, Murphy are a multidisciplined engineering and construction company. They work in transportation, power, construction and property, water, and more – offering their outstanding infrastructure services to clients in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. They also operate a range of related business, and are based in London (where the head offices PressOn worked on are situated).

Murphy’s values and ethos are centred on collaboration, integrity, continuous improvement, and a can-do attitude. Employing a team of more than 3,500 people, they operate under a banner of ‘One Murphy’ to make every project they work on a success.

Constructing a new aesthetic

Murphy wanted the appearance of their head office in London to reflect their values. The office had maintained the existing aesthetic for many years, so Murphy enlisted PressOn to print a wide range of engaging graphics to transform the look and feel of the space for their hard-working team.

There wasn’t any pre-existing branding or wayfinding signage, which meant Murphy could approach the space as a ‘blank canvas’, injecting some professional personality and making the offices an inspiring and engaging place in which to work.

Printing a new identity

Using a variety of imagery (including designs featuring Murphy’s own projects and staff), and from simple signage all the way to floor-to-ceiling wallpapering, PressOn printed a wide range of graphics. These included…

Glass manifestations

glass manifestations in Murphy's office

As a legal safety requirement, glass manifestations also offer one of the best opportunities for interior branding. Murphy opted for a sleek, professional design – a faded glass effect with their logo cut out. These kind of glass manifestations are perfect for meeting rooms where privacy is important.

Wayfinding Signage

wayfinding signage for Murphy

In any large office, interior wayfinding signage is fantastic for helping staff and clients to navigate the building, while simultaneously reinforcing branding. Using a consistent font and Murphy’s trademark green, PressOn installed a variety of signs to help bring their offices together.

Wallpapers and printed imagery

large format wallpaper for Murphy

With a business like Murphy, where people and projects are at the heart of what they do, highly visible imagery can be one of the most effective ways to create a sense of unity and pride in a workplace. There are few better ways to do this than with large format printing, and PressOn put together a range of huge wallpaper and vinyl prints featuring graphics of Murphy’s projects and team hard at work.

Tension fabric frames

tension fabric frame in Murphy's offices

Tension fabric frames are one of the most eye-catching and innovative print products on the market. They involve printed fabric panels which are stretched over an aluminium frame, providing an attractive, reusable, and environmentally-friendly solution. The graphics can also be easily swapped in and out, making them perfect for interior office branding!

Murphy chose a series of frames, with graphics featuring their work. The frames sit proudly in full view of their office team.

The right tools for the job

We love projects like these, as the wide variety of printed material required means we get to use a range of our cutting-edge machinery at the same time. Some of the prints for this project involved simple kiss-cutting (slicing out things like the plain lettering), and some of the installations (such as the wallpaper) required the use of our Latex printers. The machinery we used for this project included:

  • Our Vutek QS2 UV printer
  • Our HP Latex 570
  • Our brand new HP R2000
  • Our HP Latex 3600
  • Our Summa 1600 S Class vinyl cutter

We also used a range of different substrates for this project, including:

  • 10mm clear acrylic
  • Self adhesive wallpaper
  • Clear permanent self adhesive vinyl
  • Optically clear window film
  • Permanent self adhesive vinyl
  • Polyester textile with a blockout backing

Murphy team photo on tension fabric system

The challenge, the solution

As a working office, Murphy needed to ensure the installation of their new graphics and visuals didn’t disrupt business. Collaborating closely with project manager Shannell, Murphy were able to determine a set of products and schedule to suit their requirements.

We agreed that the best way to handle the project would be in several ‘phases’ the first two of which we have already rolled out, with more exciting installations coming soon). Our expert installers also agreed that overnight installations would be the least disruptive, and so a two-man team have handled the installations over four nights in total so far.


Interior branding remains one of the most effective ways to transform the look and feel of a workspace, particularly one that’s been in use for many years. It’s a real pleasure for PressOn to be able to help businesses like Murphy make a real difference to where they work, and here’s to many more years of success to come, in their beautiful new space.

vinyl wrap printed vinyl imagery blank wall vinyl branded office Printed vinyl wallpaper for Murphy
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