Elevator Advertising – Why Lifts Could Be The Best Place For Your Marketing

by Andy Wilson
on 4th February 2022

Elevator advertising is being used increasingly by companies wanting to push the boundaries in print advertising, transform their marketing and gain a competitive edge over their biggest rivals – something that all kinds of brands can achieve through harnessing these key areas in shopping malls.

As we emerge, post-pandemic, into a changed world for retail, in-store experiences are at the forefront of engaging customers. So why not galvanise these unique shopping experiences? Brands can transport customers into a whimsical world, create feelings of nostalgia or tap into their daydreams using powerful and cost-effective lift advertising. It might not be something you have considered for your business, but there are a number of reasons why lifts might be the best place for your marketing:

Elevator Graphics Stand Out

Elevator advertising can be used to create high-impact, and sometimes jaw-dropping, visual displays. Lift doors and the elevator interiors are spaces used intelligently by companies to stand out from other shops, restaurants and leisure facilities in proximity, in busy shopping malls.

Large elevator ads can draw in curious shoppers using eye-catching printed media; following a few hours of shopping, when legs are weary, people are more likely to use elevators, and can be enticed with compelling designs which encourage them to take notice of a product or service.

Brands have become increasingly innovative, and elevator advertising can become a key component of an integrated marketing campaign.  While shoppers enjoy leisure time, why not expand your reach and prompt them to share your lift display on social media? You are not only reaching those physically present but entering an online space which increases brand awareness and engagement.

Benefit From Huge Footfall

Shopping malls are areas of high footfall, so use lift waiting areas as spaces to target a captive audience stood waiting from a few seconds to a few minutes. The number of people passing through the space, particularly at weekends and during holidays including at Christmas, can be substantial. It is the perfect opportunity to expose your brand to a huge audience and to tell your brand’s story. Be creative and original to capture the imagination of shoppers enjoying their leisure time.

Lifts are a functional tool to move people from floor-to-floor so not only do you reach a wide-ranging audience in shopping malls, repeated presence of shoppers in the lift space as they navigate and move around the shopping centre is a major benefit of elevator advertising. The more striking and innovative your ad design, the more likely it will result in strong brand recognition.

The duration of the advertising campaign can also play a major part in this, as people return to a shopping centre multiple times, for example a shopper may visit six times over Christmas to shops, to the cinema or to restaurants – they have therefore been exposed to your creative numerous times. Consider ways to encourage shoppers to return to your ad or to seek out your ad. For example, displaying facts or useful information.

Make The Most Of Versatility

One of the major benefits of elevator advertising is the scope to create a ‘customer experience’. With a little strategic thinking, the creative potential is sky-high, and you can take your customer with you on a journey. Moving elevator doors can add a fun and mysterious element while some companies fully immerse their customers and use full elevator wraps.

Lift advertising is popular with media companies, travel companies and traditional retailers – particularly in shopping malls. As an example, an exciting campaign we are asked to work on at PressOn was to create ‘out of this world’ graphics to promote the highly-acclaimed BBC drama ‘His Dark Materials’.  To provide an unforgettable experience, sound boxes and scent boxes were used alongside graphics to create a multi-sensory experience.

Position Your Brand

Lift graphics

While reach and engagement are a pivotal aspect of advertising to achieve maximum exposure, it is also worth considering brand positioning and how different types of shopping malls can be used to target your key market.

A high-end jewellery brand, for example, would benefit from elevator advertising in an affluent area or a shopping mall which hosts numerous luxury outlets. Elevator advertising therefore allows you to adopt a more targeted approach with your direct media marketing.

Quick & Efficient Turnaround Times

Not only is elevator advertising cost-effective but the turnaround times are quick and efficient. Brands can be daring and responsive throughout the year. It is important to take notice of seasonality – utilise festive creatives at Christmas and sunny, bright and vibrant creatives in the spring and summer. An example of this is the Netflix lift design we produced as part of their ‘Christmas Chronicles’ campaign.

Use key events to stir feelings and emotions within people; for example, if you own a sports company, an increased number of people may seek out sports brands during the Olympics, so ensure you use current and timely advertising and consider elevator advertising at a time when you are aware there is piqued interest in your product.

Speed and efficiency are key aspects in the success of our business at PressOn and we provide top quality materials in a range of styles, sizes and textures. We can help you produce unique graphics and know that elevator advertising is a fantastic way to promote your business.

If you are interested in lift graphics, are unsure about the process of ordering, or simply have some questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with PressOn.

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director