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There are countless ways that retailers, businesses, and public sector enterprises can use print media to transform their spaces. But one of the most unique print solutions that we offer at PressOn is also one of the most versatile, and visually striking: lift graphics. 

Lifts are found in countless spaces, from shopping malls to hospitals, and we’ve worked with clients of all sizes and from every sector. What’s particularly inspiring about working with such a diverse range of businesses and brands, is that we get to see lift graphic design used in unique and creative ways. 

We’ve worked on a huge number of lift graphics projects over the years, but a few have really stood out. Today we’re looking at a few of the way 

Seasonal Designs – Netflix 

netflix christmas lifts

One of the best things about print is how responsive it can be – with print suppliers like PressOn, turnaround times are so fast that campaigns can be designed for just a short period of the year. What this means for lift graphics is there is a fantastic opportunity for seasonality, and a visual campaign that taps into timely or limited events. 

A fantastic example of this is the set of Christmas-themed graphics we produced for Netflix, and their ‘Christmas Chronicles’ campaign. They used a fantastic festive colour palette and design to create a warm and inviting lift space, while simultaneously promoting their new show and product. Capitalising on festive cheer – or a similar seasonal spirit – can be a fantastic way to get people talking about your brand in a positive way. 

Immersive Designs – Passengers 

passengers lift graphics

One of the most unique things about lifts is the unusual space they offer as a surface for print. We’re generally accustomed to finding printed images on static, flat surfaces – and while many new and unusual formats, such as tension fabric frames, are available – this tends to be the most common format. However, lifts offer a unique ‘box’ shape, which in turn can be used creatively to create immersive environments. 

A fantastic example is the set of graphics pictured here, which PressOn produced as part of the marketing campaign for the movie ‘Passengers’. The sci-fi theme of the film offered a fantastic basis for a unique lift concept, which left users of the lift feeling like they were aboard a spaceship themselves! With the incredibly high level of detail, clarity, and colour definition we can achieve with print, these kinds of installations are convincing, memorable, and highly ‘shareable’ – they’re sure to get people talking! 

Branded Designs – Harrods

Villari lift designs

Lifts also represent a brilliant opportunity for more traditional brand advertising, offering a dynamic and eye-catching way to market a brand using the power of large format printing. This is particularly relevant in spaces such as shopping malls or department stores, and there are few better places to turn for an example than the iconic Harrods. 

PressOn have worked with Harrods on many projects over the years, featuring all kinds of printed media – and our lift graphics for the store’s various brands have been some of our most impressive. From designer fashion labels to boutique perfumers, all kinds of brands and businesses can benefit from the exposure and reach offered by lift graphics. 

Contextual Designs – Glasgow Uni 

Lifts in a university

The shape and space of a lift isn’t the only unique contextual element – there’s also the practical implications of what a lift is used for. While many people may not have a choice, there are lots of us who use lifts purely to save time and energy – which is precisely what Glasgow University used as a talking point in their lift designs. 

The designs reminded people of how beneficial it can be to take the stairs if possible, with graphics making comparisons to the achievements of walking the steps rather than taking the lift. At the University, if you were to walk up to the 10th floor twice a week for around 2 years, you’d have climbed the same height as everest!

These kinds of graphics are a fantastic example of how designs can take use of the practical context of the platform of a lift, giving passengers some context for the building or environment in which the installation is housed. 

Welcoming Designs – Bexleyheath care home

In the same way that hoarding graphics can be used to foster positive community engagement, lift graphics can be used to create welcoming and inviting spaces. They can even be used, as was the case at Bexleyheath Care Home, to create an environment that nurtures and calms. 

Residents at the care home can now enjoy a set of graphics that help remind them of their younger years, and for some of the residents this can make the challenge of using a lift a little more pleasant and manageable. 

Limitless Possibilities

The key thing that all of these projects serve to illustrate is just how versatile lift graphics can be as a medium – and while the opening doors and unusual shape/size might seem somewhat more complex than a simple, 2-dimensional surface, they present a fantastic opportunity for original and creative designs. 

If you have any ideas for lift graphics, are unsure about the process of ordering, or simply have some questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with PressOn.

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