5 Ways to Stand Out Using Printed OOH in 2020

by Andy Wilson
on 5th February 2020

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The 1920s was a decade of great change and progress; especially noticeable within the fast-evolving realm of outdoor advertising. Where newspapers and radio were previously society’s predominant promotional mediums, the 20s were the years in which out of home advertising (OOH) really came into its own for the first time. Billboards and posters became regular features of our public spaces, and their place in the public consciousness has continued to evolve ever since. 

Fast-forward 100 years and 2020 is here, and advances in printed OOH over the course of the century have been unprecedented. Businesses of all kinds are embracing increasingly ingenious branding concepts, including fleets of branded vehicles, lift graphics and suspended fabric box banners. As we spring into a new decade it feels like the perfect time to consider the future of your branding, and how printed OOH can be used to impress your consumers in 2020.

Think outside the box with tension fabric frames

A large tension fabric frame advert

Tension fabric frames, also known as 3D box banners, can be configured to create a vast palette of different effects, meaning that they could be the ideal choice for all kinds of branding purposes. The fabric printing substrate employed to create these eye-catching banners is applied to aluminium frames to lend them their shape. 

Due to the inherent flexibility of the frames, almost any design configuration is possible, with cubes, cuboids, pyramids, and cylinders as standard configurations. Not only are the fabrics themselves reusable and biodegradable, but the frames can be rehung with fresh designs, making tension fabric frames the ultimate eco-friendly design solution. 

In collaboration with Limited Space, PressOn is delighted to have produced striking box banners in very different styles for the jewellery brands Swarovski and Vashi, as well as a variety of promotional materials for mall brand Intu. Tension fabric framing is an infinitely versatile advertising form, but all designs tend to share the feature of remarkably sleekly rendered graphics, which results from printing directly on fabric. 

Drive your message home with vehicle liveries

Truck and taxi wraps are an impactful form of outdoor advertising, and could be your ‘vehicle’ to a whole new level of brand awareness in the coming year. Whether they surprise passersby while they’re stationary or as they move through busy streets, or even motorways, the transformation achieved by covering vehicles in custom printed vinyl wraps is highly effective. 

In collaboration with Sherbet London, PressOn have created fleets of strikingly wrapped taxis to promote a diverse array of brands including clothes retailer Pretty Little Thing, shoemakers Stuart Weitzman and 888 Casinos. Truck wrapping is also an option, turning lorries into high-quality moving billboards that can spread your message up and down the country at all hours of the day and night.

This makes taxi and truck advertising a great opportunity for media buyers. Rather than needing to have their own vehicles, businesses can hire advertising space on the sides of trucks to promote their message. The ready availability of advertising space renders this a cost-effective means of reaching thousands or millions, 365 days per year, with a low monthly investment. Graphics used in taxi and truck advertising enjoy a greater longevity than stationary formats for displaying printed media such as billboards; the message constantly reaches fresh audiences, meaning that the graphics themselves do not have to be frequently refreshed to create a lasting first impression. 

Depending on the number of vehicles you choose to wrap and the scope of their circulation, this form of printed OOH can help your message reach a massive audience. The high-quality finishing materials which we apply to the printed designs ensure their performance for the duration of your campaign; graphics can then be removed rapidly and easily when it concludes.

Construct creatively with hoarding graphics

From 3D lit letters to backlit lettering, hoarding graphics have the  potential to become so much more than a blank canvas on which to promote your brand while building work takes place. In addition to making a positive contribution to the local area by masking unsightly building work and shielding passersby from the associated dust and rubble, hoarding graphics and building wraps offer an excellent opportunity to spread your brand messaging.

Whether they’re used to promote a construction company, the eventual project itself, or for some other purpose entirely — such as sharing tips about the local area, community news, and other types of local engagement — printed hoardings are the means by which the potentially negative presence of building work can be transformed into something that makes a positive contribution to the surrounding ambiance.

The giant green and gold bank vault we printed for London’s iconic department store Harrods, for instance, enchanted shoppers on a daily basis throughout the duration of the construction process that it was used to mask. 
Usually printed on vinyl, hoarding graphics can have many different specialised properties suited to different contexts, including anti-graffiti finishes, matte, and gloss. These adhere smoothly to ACM panels, although PressOn can also print directly onto panels when this suits the nature of a given project. Find out more about hoarding graphics, and explore how you could take your construction projects to the next level in 2020.  

Elevate your brand to a new dimension with lift graphics

rag and bone lift graphics

From fir-tree winter scenes to surrealist sci-fi immersive designs, lift graphics can be used to transport passengers to an entire world of your choosing. PressOn produce all kinds of lift graphics for a wide variety of clients including luxury to retail and global brands, notably Virgin Media and Netflix. 

Lift graphics provide unmissable branding opportunities; your momentarily captive audience engages with your message while, in real-time, they travel from floor to floor. With increasingly sophisticated printing materials and techniques available, the range of effects that can be evoked to flavour these moments will continue to expand in 2020, making lift graphics an effective and innovative form of print to install in shopping centres, transport hubs, exhibition halls, and all kinds of public residential spaces such as apartments and care homes.

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Written by
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