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Taxi wraps are one of the most effective and impactful outdoor advertising formats. They’re an eye-catching, memorable, and cost-effective way to reach a huge audience around the clock – and now they can even be recycled.

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Taxis are the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for an outdoor advertising campaign. Using cutting edge printing and finishing equipment/materials, PressOn work with leading specialists to offer low-environmental impact taxi graphics on electric fleets of vehicles, with the option of recyclable liveries now available. 


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Recyclable liveries now available

With sustainability more crucial for our clients than ever, PressOn now offer recyclable taxi liveries (via Metamark’s new Metastream service) to ensure your campaigns maintain a minimal environmental impact. PressOn print, install, remove, and recycle your liveries to ensure the entire process is as low-impact as possible.

Print, Install, Remove, Recycle

PressOn already operate on a zero landfill basis, but with recyclable taxi liveries, we can offer a comprehensive sustainable option – we print, install, remove, and recycle our taxi graphics as part of our ‘one stop shop’ offering for our clients, to ensure minimal environmental impact at every stage of the process

Large Format Print - Recyclable Taxi Liveries

High quality, low environmental impact taxi advertising

There are few better ways to make a huge impact on consumers than with a taxi media campaign. PressOn produces printed taxi advertising campaigns  for everyone from iconic brands to exciting new startups looking to make a unique and exciting impression on their customers.

Taxi media for forward-thinking businesses

Taxi wraps aren’t just a great way to advertise to your potential customers – they’re an incredible way to make a statement about what your brand stands for. Unusual and innovative, taxi wraps elevate your business, making it a talking point, driving sales and building your reputation simultaneously. 

Taxi Advertising FAQs

We’ve answered a few common questions about taxi wraps and taxi media advertising below.

How do PressOn recycle taxi liveries?

PressOn work with materials supplier Metamark, and their new Metastream program to recycle taxi liveries – if you opt for recyclable liveries, then these will be recycled into new products after removal.

How many people will see my taxi media campaign?

Taxi wrap advertising is so effective because of the massive potential reach it offers, but many will be pleased to hear there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to the scope of your campaign. The locality and scale of your taxi media can be tailored to suit your needs.

What sets taxi wraps apart from other types of advertising?

It’s hard to ignore a passing taxi which is printed with a set of stunning graphics, and on top of the massive reach it offers, taxi media is more than just a passive form of advertising. From people the cars pass by to those who get in the taxis themselves, taxis graphics draw attention from other adverts as they move.

The right creative design, with the right messaging, combined with the unique format of a taxi wrap also make tempting fodder for social media posts from the public – helping spread the word of your brand further.

Won’t it take a long time to organise and produce taxi wraps?

With taxi wrap printing from PressOn, whether you’re in London or elsewhere in the UK, a campaign can be turned around in the blink of an eye. We make use of some of the very finest cutting-edge printing technology, which allows us to print and install graphics in a matter of hours – meaning your taxi advertising could be on the road by the end of the week…

How much will taxi wraps cost?

The cost of a taxi wrap advertising project will vary depending on the number of taxis you’re having printed, the timeframe you need the wraps in. If you’d like a more accurate figure for the cost of your project, get in touch and one of our project managers will be able to give you a quote.

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No matter how tight the deadlines are, how complex the project, or how demanding the conditions, PressOn complete every project to the highest standard. Whatever the scale, our experienced project managers will ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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