Why Tension Fabric Frames Are the Future of Large Scale Printing

by Andy Wilson
on 11th May 2022

With society moving towards more eco-friendly processes, large-scale printing has come up with its own solution for environmentally friendly advertising: tension fabric frames.

This wildly popular innovation is being used to replace even modern vinyl and plastic-based billboard-style adverts, and businesses can benefit from the wide range of usability and economic benefits it also has to offer.

What are tension fabric frames?

Tension fabric frames, or 3D box banners as they are sometimes called, are one of the latest buzzwords in OOH (out of home) advertising, not least because of their adaptability and ease-of-use for businesses.

Their genius lies in their simplicity: fabric stretched between an aluminium frame. Tension fabric frames can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes, and hung or held up in a variety of ways. What makes them especially environmentally friendly is that the graphic can then be replaced or reused, either there or in a different location, with only the fabric being changed.

Why tension fabric frames will benefit your business

Tension fabric frames can form a beneficial part of any business’ advertising, but they have to be applied correctly. We can perform an initial assessment to find the optimal way to create and display your advertising, helping with every step to make sure it is exactly right for your needs.

Swarovski fabric box banner

Unique Design

First of all, there is the design factor: you can create truly eye-catching designs, including the use of 3D elements. They can be made into cube, cylinder, or pyramid shapes (or any number of configurations of those shapes), creating a truly endless scope for designs. 

Tension fabric frames are also both lightweight and durable, making their installation a fast and painless experience. Paired with our usual high-quality printing, the final product can be hung from ceilings, attached to a wall, or made to stand on the floor, in every variation of shapes or configurations possible.

The potential for 3D designs and unique placement of tension fabric frames ensure that they are both highly visible and eye-catching, maximising your brand’s exposure to potential customers. There is also the possibility to add lightbox technology to the frame, lighting up the advertisement from the inside, and ensuring all eyes are on your graphics at any time of day.

kia tension fabric frame

Reusable & moveable

Previous large print formats were a one-time thing, and most were destroyed upon removal. By contrast, tension fabric frame prints can be removed, saved, and used again at a later date, making them ideal for recurring campaigns. 

The actual frame can be reused too, both for other adverts as well as previous ones. This makes the turnaround and installation a much quicker process, and also lends itself well to campaigns that need last-minute updates, or variables that change frequently.

tension fabric frame board with smiling couple print

Cost-effective to produce & update

You will not need to purchase a whole process each time you have a new campaign with tension fabric frames, which can help to reduce the cost of your advertising budget. We make tension fabric frames in a variety of sizes, and while it is impossible to price any project accurately without knowing the variables, you can check our website for example price points.

Easy to install, remove or update 

Our fabric prints are held in place on an aluminium frame with silicon edging, and you do not need any special expertise with changing the prints themselves. As the frames are relatively lightweight, removal or moving of the whole thing is fairly straightforward too.

This in turn means there is no need to call in experts for lengthy installations, or to pencil in take-down time.

The environmental benefits of using tension fabric frames

Globally, we are only recycling 13% of the frankly astounding amount of waste we produce, leaving a massive margin for improvement. 

With attitudes changing ever more towards ecologically friendly choices, businesses are quickly learning that it is in their best interest to make changes now, rather than when new regulations could come into force. 

Research shows that customers are 83% more likely to choose a company with plans for sustainability, meaning this is something to bear in mind when it comes to implementing new ad campaigns.

Traditional large print advertising was based around the use of toxic solvents and plastic-based substrates. As illustrated in this article, this no longer has to be the case, and tension fabric frames are a prime example. The ecological benefits of tension fabric frames are twofold: you can use them again and again, and when you finally do throw them away, they are 100% recyclable. 

Why choose PressOn for your tension fabric frames?

Aside from our considerable experience in the industry, PressOn can be counted on to do whatever we can to limit our impact on the environment, while still producing quality advertising solutions that cater specifically to each client. 

We are committed to our Zero Landfill target: we work closely with Veolia to ensure none of our waste is sent to landfill, and that anything which can be recycled or reused is.

We also partner with HP to stay at the very forefront of technological advancements in printing, both in terms of quality and in environmental benefits. This is why we use their printers, solvent-free inks and recyclable cartridges, and employ their take-back scheme for when our hardware has reached the end of its useful life. And finally, where possible, we strive to use manufacturers based in the UK, to keep carbon emissions to an absolute minimum.

tension fabric frame in Murphy's offices


With the future of large print advertising moving inexorably towards biodegradable items with low carbon output, and society investing in a ‘make do and mend’ mentality, tension fabric frames are an ideal way to meet your business’ advertising needs without  sacrificing on quality or impact.

The sheer scope of possibility with design choices means that tension fabric frames are capable of meeting even the most demanding advertising objectives, and are taking the lead in a new approach to out-of-home media.

Have we piqued your interest in tension fabric frames? We are always here to answer any questions about your large format printing needs.

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director