Wallpaper and Surface Design

The stunning Robin Sprong Wallpaper Collection is now available through PressOn in the UK. We manufacture, distribute and install all designs from the collection which include custom and photographic wallpaper, wall murals and surface design, printed onto a vast range of materials.

Robin Sprong is an internationally renowned, highly acclaimed South African photographer and designer working with a collection of International designers and artists, producing made to order, high-quality wallpapers and surface design. PressOn are now producing the full Robin Sprong collection here in the UK.  The wallpaper collection is full of incredible imagery ideal for corporate, retail and residential spaces.

View the full Robin Sprong collection here

“Representing some of South Africa’s top designers and artists we are excited to bring the Robin Sprong Wallpaper collection to the UK. Our works showcase modern innovative aesthetics. We create wall surfaces which appear to be undeniably real, particularly through simulated textures which make the designs come to life. We don’t want our pieces to just decorate, but to rather be works of art in their own right.”

Robin Sprong


PressOn and Robin Sprong Wallpaper – a bespoke solution across any substrate

Choose a design from the Robin Sprong collection and turn a wall into a feature in any space. The size, wallpaper material and volume of wallpaper you need is printed as required by us, so is completely bespoke to your project.

Our large format printing machinery can produce large width wallpapers and wall murals. For smaller scale domestic settings we can also print and supply standard wallpaper at 60cm wide.

Printed on any surface

PressOn can take the Robin Sprong Wallpaper collection and continue the design onto fabrics, glass, flooring, wood and metal, offering a complete solution across different substrates. We can also customise elements of some the RSW designs to suit corporate requirements.

Wallpaper substrates

The wallpaper substrates we use come in a range of finishes suitable for different environments. Each is fire retardant in accordance with EN13501-1:2007 and available in a range of pre-pasted, unpasted and heavy traffic options. We can also laminate wallpapers to make them ideal for humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. We also laminate with anti-bacterial coating to the wallpapers making them ideal for hospitals and catering spaces.

To find out more about the technical specification of the wallpaper substrates you download this guide here.

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