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At PressOn, we believe that staying at the forefront of the Large Format Printing world means embracing cutting-edge technology and innovation. In our quest to offer the best printing solutions to our clients, we have turned to the revolutionary HP Latex R Series Printer. With this incredible technology, we can provide our customers with the glossiest whites and the most vibrant colours on rigid substrates, opening up a world of creative possibilities for Large Format Prints.

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The Glossiest of Whites

One of the standout features of the HP Latex R Series is its ability to deliver the glossiest whites. Unlike UV-Curable inks which dry with a textured appearance – the R Series we use at PressOn produces a White Ink layer that is smooth, even and flat – which helps it conform to the shape of the media. This ensures that it reflects light directly and uniformly, resulting in a high-gloss consistency that truly stands out. In contrast, UV-curable ink can lay unevenly, hide the texture of the media, and reduce gloss and colour vibrancy.

Resists Yellowing Over Time

When it comes to the longevity of your prints, the HP Latex R Series shines. The white ink is highly resistant to photochemical reactions, and doesn’t contain photoinitiators or optical brighteners, which are commonly found in UV-curable inks used for Large Format Printing. This means that your prints will maintain their pristine white appearance over time, without the unsightly yellowing that can occur with other ink types.

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High Opacity for Stunning Visuals

Achieving a visually strong white is crucial in Large Format Printing, and the HP Latex R Series excels in this regard. The white ink utilises exterior-grade titanium dioxide pigments that are three times the size of coloured ink particles and twice the volume. This high-opacity formula ensures that your prints will have a brilliant and impactful white background.

HP Latex Overcoat for Added Protection

To safeguard your prints from everyday wear and tear, the HP Latex R Series comes equipped with an anti-scratch overcoat. This protective layer helps preserve the quality of your prints even when exposed to the elements. The modular design of the overcoat system allows you to customise the amount applied, ensuring top performance across various substrates. Plus, you have the option to forgo the overcoat altogether when laminating prints.

Vibrant Colours with Water-Based Pigments

Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality extends beyond just white ink. The HP Latex R Series employs a water-based pigment-ink technology that brings the vibrant HP Latex colour gamut to rigid substrates. The thin ink layer preserves the natural look and feel of the media, ensuring that your colours pop and your prints leave a lasting impression.

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HP Latex Optimiser for Sharp Detail

For sharp and detailed prints, the HP Latex Optimiser is a game-changer. It is designed to rapidly separate and immobilise the pigment colorants from the water-based ink vehicle at the print substrate surface. This process results in sharp text and image detail that truly makes your prints stand out.

In conclusion, investing in the HP Latex R Series is a game-changer for our Large Format Printing Company. With the ability to print on both rigid and flexible substrates using water-based inks, you can offer your clients unique and inventive ways to showcase their products or services.

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