Zero to Landfill : The Rise of Sustainable Large Format Printing in UK Advertising

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As environmental concerns continue to grow in importance, businesses around the world are exploring ways to become more sustainable. One area that has caused significant damage in recent years is large format printing. Due to this, PressOn is now striving for a zero to landfill approach.

What is Zero to Landfill?

By working with waste management specialists Veolia, PressOn ensures that none of our waste is sent to landfill.  It’s then recycled or processed for energy recovery. A zero to landfill approach for advertising campaigns is incredibly beneficial for brands. They can reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources, and even save money by reducing waste disposal costs.

Why Large Format Printing Matters

Large format printing involves the production of printed materials, such as banners, posters, hoardings, vehicle liveries, billboards and more. While an essential marketing tool for many businesses, the process can generate significant waste, including discarded ink cartridges, paper, and other materials.

However, the growing demand for sustainable printing solutions has driven the development of eco-friendly materials and printing techniques that minimise waste and environmental impact. Some examples of our sustainable large format printing practices include:

  1. Recyclable vehicle liveries

    Sustainability is more crucial for our clients than ever. So PressOn now offers recyclable taxi liveries (via Metamark’s new Metastream service). This way we ensure your campaigns maintain a minimal environmental impact. We print, install, remove, and recycle your liveries to ensure the entire process is as low-impact as possible.

  2. Low environmental impact printing

    Environmental impact has never been more pressing. With these concerns now front and centre for many of our clients when it comes to their print projects, PressOn has examined how we can adapt the solutions, materials, processes, and more, to cater to these requirements.

  3. Productive Partnerships

    PressOn work closely with our partners to provide forward-thinking, low-impact solutions. HP provide us with solvent-free, recyclable cartridge latex inks, and access to their ‘take back’ scheme on all their machinery at end of life. Where possible, we also work with UK manufacturers to minimise carbon emissions from transport.

  4. Zero Landfill Printing

    We ensure action is taken to reduce impact at every stage of a project. From conception to disposal. By working with waste management specialists Veolia, we ensure that none of our waste is sent to landfill, and is either recycled or processed for energy recovery.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Printing

PressOn is leading the way in sustainable printing practices. We are an award-winning printing company based in Kent. Our innovative approach to sustainable printing includes the use of recyclable vehicle liveries, solvent-free, recyclable cartridge latex inks and we work with UK manufacturers to minimise carbon emissions from transport.

By adopting a zero to landfill approach and implementing sustainable printing practices, we have reduced our clients environmental impact and attracted eco-conscious customers.

So if you’re looking for a printing company in the UK, why not choose one that is committed to building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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