Social Distancing Lift Graphics

Lifts present a unique social distancing challenge – but with a set of high-quality graphics, you can make it clear to your visitors how to stay safe.

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Communicating how customers and employees can socially distance in lifts will be essential as premises start to reopen – clear, high-quality lift graphics make it simple for everyone to follow the guidelines, and keep 2m apart.

Social distancing lift signs and markers

Exterior and interior social distancing lift graphics

Using durable, high-quality materials, PressOn can create graphics for both the outside doors and interior walls of a lift. Customers both waiting for and using the lift can be informed of what they’ll need to do to socially distance in a clear, reassuring manner.

Social distancing lift graphics

Reassure your customers and employees

By opting for high-quality professional graphics, rather than DIY signs and posters, customers,  visitors and employees will feel reassured that you’re following procedures confidently. You can even include your own branding and messaging in your social distancing lift graphics.

Social Distancing Lift Graphics FAQs

As businesses and premises adapt to the new regulations and requirements, we’ve answered a few key questions below.

Can you supply the designs for social distancing lift signs?

Absolutely – as well as printing your own designs, PressOn are offering an in-house design service for all social distancing lift graphics orders, and can work with you to incorporate your own branding or messaging as required.

How fast can you supply social distancing lift signs?

Despite implementing social distancing in our own premises, we’re still turning around printing projects extremely quickly. PressOn usually turn even large orders around – from first enquiry to installation – in a matter of a few working days

Can PressOn install my social distancing lift prints?

PressOn offer a complete installation service on all printed lift signs – your project manager will be able to arrange a suitable procedure for getting your graphics in place safely and quickly.

Do PressOn offer other social distancing graphics?

Yes. PressOn offer a wide range of graphics, including floor, lift, window, escalator, and wall prints. Get in touch with our project managers via our contact page, and they’ll be able to help you identify which solutions you need.

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Professional, safe, reassuring

Printed social distancing lift signage is a fantastic way to ensure your customers say safe, even in the enclosed space of an elevator. These solutions are durable and long-lasting, and are the most effective way to help your customers stay safe.

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