Branded Hand Sanitiser Units

Help your staff, visitors and customers maintain good hygiene in the workplace with a custom branded hand sanitiser unit –  available in a range of dimensions and styles.

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To help ensure customers, visitors and employees can maintain good hand hygiene at all times, PressOn offer a wide range of durable, high-quality hand sanitiser units or stations.  These can be custom printed with your own branding or designs.

Durable, convenient, eye-catching

PressOn use high-quality, long-lasting materials to ensure the hand sanitiser station can withstand constant use. Units are available in a range of styles and dimensions to suit any setting – offices, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants and shops

PressOn’s range of hand sanitiser units are ideally suited to a range of settings and are perfect for reminding everyone to maintain good hygiene whilst re-enforcing your brand or company in a responsible and reassuring manner.

Branded Hand Sanitiser Units FAQs

As offices, shops, restaurants and  hotels adapt and become Covid secure, we’ve answered some of your key questions below:

Can you supply the designs for branded hand sanitiser stations?

Absolutely – as well as printing your own designs, PressOn are offering an in-house design service for all hand sanitiser units, and can work with you to incorporate your own imagery or messaging as required.

How fast can you supply hand sanitiser stations?

Despite implementing social distancing in our own premises, we’re still turning around printing projects extremely quickly. PressOn usually turn even large orders around – from first enquiry to installation – in a matter of a few working days.

Can PressOn install the hand sanitiser units?

PressOn offer a complete installation service on all hand sanitiser station – your project manager will be able to arrange a suitable procedure for getting them in place safely and quickly.

Why should we consider custom branded hand sanitiser stations?

During these challenging times, it will be vital for businesses to reassure and encourage staff and visitors to maintain good hygiene. Custom printed and branded hand sanitiser units are one of the most effective ways of reminding people to sanitise their hands regularly.

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Professional, safe, reassuring

Custom hand sanitiser units are a responsible way to ensure your visitors, staff and customers stay safe. These units are durable and long-lasting, and are the most effective way to make everyone feel – and remain – safe.

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