How Printed OOH Can Benefit Luxury Brands

by Andy Wilson
on 23rd July 2020

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Out Of Home (OOH) branding is used by businesses in all kinds of industries – but for luxury brands in particular, it offers a unique set of benefits. Over the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of high-end and aspirational businesses, from jewellers and perfumers to car manufacturers – and we’ve been able to help them effectively use printed OOH to transform their marketing campaigns. We thought we’d take a look at how, and why, large format printing can benefit luxury brands…

What is printed OOH?

Tension fabric cube prints

Out-of-home advertising, also known as OOH, is any kind of promotional media that reaches potential consumers when they are outside their homes.

Printed OOH can take many different forms, and may involve graphics produced in large format, and then installed into spaces such as shopping malls, construction sites, billboards, or even vehicles. In addition to liveries, large format print media can include building wraps, floor graphics, banners, designs 3D elements, lift graphics, window graphics, escalator branding, and even — contributing to the functionality as well as the atmosphere of the space in which they are installed — glass manifestations and bespoke acoustic panels.

This presents a wealth of branding and marketing opportunities for all kinds of businesses, but the unique creative potential for this type of advertising lends itself particularly to high end or luxury brands who want to make a standout impression with consumers.

A consultation with a high-quality supplier can help you and your luxury brand assess options, and identify the best possible forms of OOH for your unique objectives, complementing and elevating your existing promotional strategy.

What is printed OOH used for?

Increasing sales and building brand awareness are two of OOH’s main uses, although its magic lies in the diversity of the ways that different luxury brands choose to work with it. Hoarding graphics and building wraps are a particularly clever means of building brand awareness. As well as entirely eclipsing an unsightly building site and shielding locals from related dust, debris and noise, a well-designed choice of OOH media can help inspire excitement for the finished project and the business behind it.

How can luxury brands use printed OOH?

Swarovski fabric box banner

The versatility of printed OOH…

…means that it offers brands a bountiful range of possibilities in terms of the settings and manner in which potential consumers can be reached. The possibilities include banners at outdoor markets, point-of-purchase (POP) installations, and even immersive multi-surface coverings — which you can use to beautiful effect to demarcate the realm of your brand within busy department stores.

The potential quality of print media is hard to top…

…particularly if you are working with a precision-focussed, high-quality supplier such as PressOn. Using cutting-edge print machinery, combined with our decades of combined experience, our print specialists ensure 100% consistency of colour, branding, and quality – on every project we work on.

In terms of durability…

…the substrate and printing techniques used to create OOH can be suited exactly to the needs of a luxury brand, whether these are indoor or outdoor, and short or long-term. Finishings like anti-graffiti laminate can help ensure that your printed media stands the test of time with a new-look shine for months or even years.

The creativity with which you can approach your marketing is unrivalled…

…Luxury brands can look to printed OOH as a practical means to render their most ingenious and unique advertising ideas in physical form. Particularly in relation to the ways in which OOH can be used to increase brand visibility, as possible tactics include vehicle media, covering and transform entire areas of a store, and the creation of 3D box-banners.

Due in part to their unexpected use of space, the profound visual impact that suspended 3D installations can have is unparalleled, helping a brand stand out dramatically from other outlets sharing a retail arena. PressOn rendered a fabric box-banner in the style of a giant present to augment the department store spaces of the luxury jewellery vendor Swarovski throughout the 2018 festive season, and the brand were delighted with their glamorous impact.

tension fabric frame viewed from below

The identity which OOH makes it possible to establish…

…is another plus-point for luxury brands wishing to distinguish themselves. The case for exploring OOH is particularly strong for brands competing to feature their products in celebrated department stores such as Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. Department stores such as these pride themselves on offering shoppers an artistic, almost theatrical shopping experience, to which the ingenuity of the displays is as integral as the products purchased.

Using OOH to create a full-on shopper experience, Harrods worked with Fendi in 2019 to stage a ‘store takeover,’ for which PressOn printed and installed the graphics. The project involved the totalistic branding of multiple areas of the store — including the exhibition windows, 5th floor cafe, and the whole of Harrods’ iconic Egyptian Staircase — with a series of matt black vinyl graphics, allowing shoppers to feel transported to the luxury fashion house in Rome.

How does OOH fit into an overall branding approach?

vashi tension fabric system

Printed OOH is an excellent means of — charmingly, rather than invasively — enabling your brand to populate the imaginations of potential consumers, reinforcing or enhancing the messaging they may have received in private life from digital or printed adverts. An exciting OOH installation, such as a 3D box-banner, can elevate consumers’ awareness and perception of your brand, encouraging them to see your services and products in a new light by virtue of having encountered them in a new setting.

OOH can be used to promote the brand as a whole, rather than necessarily recommending a specific product.

Exploring OOH with a view to creating particular kinds of experience for shoppers. For instance, finding themselves in a world populated by giant objects such a 3D bank vault or enraptured by seasonally decorated lift graphics (it’s not Narnia, it’s Netflix!). Inspiring that magical, anything-is-possible sensation among shoppers is a great way for all brands to align their image with the luxury retail spaces they desire to inhabit.

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Written by
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