PressOn Wraps Bloodhound SSC’s Giant Tail Fin

by Nigel Webster
on 26th October 2017

PressOn have again worked with the team building Bloodhound SSC, this time wrapping  the giant tail fin – a vital part of the supersonic car that provides stability. The Bloodhound is poised today, 26 October 2017,  for trials on the runway at Newquay Airport in Cornwall. The car will be driven at speeds up to 200 mph, testing aerodynamics, steering, brakes, suspension and data systems. Due to the extreme forces at work on the tail fin, the video above shows stress and load testing of the fin, prior to the trials.

PressOn wrapped the fin in Avery MPI1104EA cast white vinyl, using their HP Latex 570. The design featured the names of 36,110 people who have sponsored and contributed to the creation of the Bloodhound.

The vinyl will survive these tests intact as the Bloodhound SSC, using a Typhoon jet engine will reach speeds of 200 mph. It won’t be expected to fair so well in 2019 when the Bloodhound’s World Land Speed Record attempt will take place in South Africa. Then the car is hoping to reach a staggering 1000mph.

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Written by
Nigel Webster Managing Director