PressOn in 2019: A Showcase – Part 2 (Construction & Interior Branding)

by Nigel Webster
on 20th February 2020

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In 2019, we produced graphics to create multi-sensory elevator experiences, exhibitions of larger-than-life portraits of endangered big cats, and helped effect department store takeovers by fashion brands. It’s fair to say that we have maintained our zest for expanding horizons using printed media throughout 2019.

With an ever-expanding menu of inks, substrates and printing techniques at our disposal, we have brought out the innate character of companies with the use of interior office branding, lit up construction areas with backlit hoardings and wrapped pillars, elevators and staircases in eye-catching designs. This showcase brings together some of our particular highlights from 2019, focussing on some of the many different types of projects we have had the pleasure to work on over the year,


We’ve produced construction hoardings for a great variety of brands in 2019 — including replacing the monochrome hoardings we printed for Fendi as part of their Harrods takeover with ones depicting a swatch of tartan for Dior; a switch made in a single night.

Beyond the luxury retail sector, we’ve created custom hoardings and building wraps for a diverse mix of brands, organisations and projects; coverings that stand the test of time, with aesthetics and materials that benefit the specific nature of each project. This includes backlit lettering, viewing panels, custom shapes and sizing and anti-graffiti finishes.

Dulwich College…

…asked PressOn to help them transform a wall on their campus in a way that paid homage to their heritage. The London College decided to install a set of hoardings to tell the story of the institution’s history, designing an appealing ‘timeline’ graphic for visitors, staff, and students to enjoy.

PressOn printed the graphics for the timeline directly to aluminium composite, which was then laminated for protection, and adhered to the plywood hoarding. This project was a great example of how businesses and organisations can think outside of the box when it comes to construction graphics.


…are busy rebuilding London’s sewer network, which is no small task. This involves a huge, multifaceted construction operation, with multiple construction sites all across the city. PressOn have been working with Tideway on these sites, to help blend them into the surrounding areas, making a positive impression on the local community by printing unique hoarding graphics.

These have included ‘dazzle’ hoardings (take a look at our case study here), which use samples of colour from the surrounding area to create a new, angular linear design which blends seamlessly into the urban environment.

PressOn have also printed and installed graphic wraps on the tunnel boring machines used by Tideway to create the sewer – these have been given names after famous women from London’s history, and we’ve been bringing them to life with custom liveries.

Interior branding

Interior branding is a means of personalising a corporate or professional environment, to evoke the heritage, outlook, and visual identity of an organisation. We helped create interior branding solutions for businesses including care homes and construction companies in 2019. The branded glass manifestations we produce were embraced in particular over the year, as a stylish means of redecoration.


…is an engineering company founded in 1951. Their provision of world-class infrastructure needed to be reflected in their office space. Our printed interior branding graphics empowered them to establish and showcase their brand accordingly in 2019.

We installed a variety of prints to reflect Murphy’s values at their head-office in London, including a series of framed graphics featuring their work to celebrate achievements in previous years. Our interior branding output for Murphy made use of five different types of machinery, including one Vutek and four HP printers, as well as our Summa 1600 S Class vinyl cutter. The self-adhesive wallpapers and other imagery we have added to the space do more than just decorate it — our prints have added new functionality in the form of wayfinding signage.

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Written by
Nigel Webster Managing Director