PressOn in 2019: A Showcase – Part 1 (Art, Advertising, & Retail Prints…)

by Andy Wilson
on 20th February 2020

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In 2019, we produced graphics to create multi-sensory elevator experiences, exhibitions of larger-than-life portraits of endangered big cats, and helped effect department store takeovers by fashion brands. It’s fair to say that we have maintained our zest for expanding horizons using printed media throughout 2019.

With an ever-expanding menu of inks, substrates and printing techniques at our disposal, we have brought out the innate character of companies with the use of interior office branding, lit up construction areas with backlit hoardings and wrapped pillars, elevators and staircases in eye-catching designs. This showcase brings together some of our particular highlights from 2019, focussing on some of the many different types of projects we have had the pleasure to work on over the year.

Art exhibitions

High quality large format printing allows the quality of the artwork they feature to shine through, due to a combination of fine materials, state-of-the-art printing techniques, and meticulously selected substrates to render each creation. Our collaborations with artists to create prints showcasing their work are no exception. 

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work with a variety of exceptionally talented creatives in 2019, including exclusive showcases for Brazilian artist Gabriel Wickbold and London-based photographer Mr Perou.

Big Cats…

…is a project by the enterprising Mr Perou, aimed at raising awareness of the endangered animals. Starring the feline residents of the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smearden, Kent, the photography took just over a year to complete, with the animals — including Maya the jaguar, Narnia the white tiger and Xizi the leopard — slowly getting used to the presence of the photographer before posing for the iconic images produced.

Using cutting edge HP machinery, we created suitably big 2×2 metre tension fabric prints of the cats, which were displayed using custom bases at London Bridge Station — Mr Perou’s first public show in 15 years!

Gabriel Wickbold…

Wickbold photography exhibition

…is an experimental photographer whose work features a heady fusion of colours, and textures including lace and thick, globular paint. To ensure pinpoint accuracy in creating blown-up images of his work for his once-off London Gallery exhibition in 2019, we used our (brand new for 2019) R2000 HP printer. This allowed us to print directly onto the display boards used, creating a seamless rendering of his exceptional photography.

Out of home advertising

Fabric cube for kia

The ingenuity with which out of home advertising is approached continues to extend, and PressOn are at the forefront of its evolution. We had the opportunity to bring some boundary-breaking projects in 2019, employing multiple different kinds of printed media in order to create unique shopper experiences for a diverse selection of brands.

The BBC’s His Dark Materials (2019)…

…brings the image-heavy world of Philip Pullman’s loved books to life, complete with dazzling snowscapes and hot air balloon rides. With Limited Space, we created a campaign across multiple locations, inviting consumers into the series’ exquisitely constructed parallel universe through the use of floor, wall and window graphics.

Lift graphics helped effect a multi-sensory elevator experience; complete with peppermint scent and evocative sounds. Other highlights include the totally recyclable fabric box banners at the Bullring and Grand Central in Birmingham — so large that a scissor lift was required for installation! — and the largest vinyl print we’ve ever installed on a glass wall, at the Manchester Arndale, measuring an imposing 4 by 9 metres.

Xceed by Kia…

Kia fabric cube

…was launched across Intu shopping centres in 2019, with an integrated campaign featuring a wide array of different forms of printed media. This included a giant tension-fabric cube, as well as prints featuring the sleek new car, covering escalators, balustrades, pillars. Applying printed OOH to curved surfaces for effective marketing requires specialised techniques — accordingly, we produced prints on double-sided vinyl, which was laminated and adhered to semi-rigid PVC.

Luxury retail

Collaborating with brands to create unique retail experiences that feel totally immersive involves incredible attention to detail. We have been thrilled to deliver on this front in 2019, working brands in many different contexts to create unique retail experiences.


…is a vintage-inspired fashion label, characterised by the free spirit of its free-flowing designs. We were delighted to work with them multiple times in 2019, including temporarily transforming their space at Chelsea Sorting Office for their London Fashion Week show. Inspired by the Woodstock festival of ‘69, the room was decorated with over 50 hand-drawn prints on vinyl; installed on the walls and windows to create a stained glass effect, and removed leaving no trace the next day.


…is one of Britain’s national treasures; the department store’s reputation is based on the shopping experience it delivers and the flare with which it presents its wares, as much as its fine-quality goods themselves.

In 2019 we were delighted to create prints for many different brands in-house at Harrods as well as for external projects, such as their 2019 pop-up charity shop, Fashion Retold. A collaboration between Harrods and Harold de Walden Estates, the 218 square metre space was covered in showstopping floral graphics evoking an English country garden.

Installing graphics in Harrods’ Fine Jewellery Department required a similarly totalistic engagement with the space; the complex floral design relied on a detailed floor map, allowing the printed pieces to be applied to the floors and walls for a seamless effect.

Fendi’s Harrods take-over was another extensive project. Media included escalator covers, hoarding graphics and graphics for walls, floors and the store’s iconic Egyptian Staircase. Logos were cut, rather than printed, from matt black vinyl, which helped evoke the carefully crafted style of this timeless Italian brand.

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For more on our work in 2019, stay tuned for Part 2 of our showcase! If you wish to realise the design ideas that can take your branding to new heights in 2020, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director