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Ballpark Cost

by Tom Byrom
on 28th February 2013

PressOn launch BALLPARK COST – a revolutionary online digital print calculator
PressOn are already experiencing an extremely busy 2013. The year started with a bold new re-branding and the launch of their new website,  They are now announcing the launch of Ballpark Cost, an online calculator, which they believe is completely unique in the digital print industry.

Ballpark Cost is an online digital print calculator, accessed through the PressOn website, that gives visitors an instant quick cost, a “Ballpark Cost” for digital print projects. Currently customers can get instant ballpark costs for; hoarding graphics, floor graphics, window graphics, digital wallpaper, banners, self-adhesive wall vinyl and Foamex boards.

Andy Wilson, joint MD of PressOn said of the concept, “I get so many calls a day asking me for a quick ballpark cost for a job. The customer has a rough idea of size and quantity they need but maybe not all of the details for the project. They just need a really quick price from me to help them start the project off.  In a meeting with the PressOn team I was talking about these calls and then I had the light bulb moment. Why not let our customers get the ballpark costs for themselves on our new website? We have nothing to hide! Ballpark Cost was born.”

Nigel Webster, joint MD of PressOn believes Ballpark Cost is a first for the digital print industry. He said, “In order to create the Ballpark Cost calculator we needed to show complete transparency of our pricing structure to the customer. The calculator works on m2 costs, and clearly shows the customer that cost, a fitting price, and then any discounts we will offer based on the volume they need. It’s a really brave move for us, but we are confident in Ballpark Cost as we think it’s going to be a fantastic tool for our customers.  It’s really simple to use, saves time and can be accessed anywhere, even if a customer is out on site, as long as they have an internet connection.”

By entering the dimensions of the printed items and the quantity needed, the Ballpark Cost is calculated. For convenience the quick quote can be printed off or the customer can email themselves a copy to review later. To progress the quote or for more complex jobs the customer will then need to confirm prices directly with PressOn before orders can be placed for projects.

Mr Wilson concludes, “We’ve had a really exciting and busy start to 2013. I’m just hoping that all of the ballpark cost calls will now turn to ‘can you now firm it up’ calls!”

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Written by
Tom Byrom