The Great HP Latex Roll Change Challenge…

by Andy Wilson
on 21st March 2019

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The good folk at HP recommend that changing the roll on an HP Latex printer should take around 20 minutes, if done carefully and sensibly. The thing is, we knew that both Adam and Benji could make the switch in far, far less time than that – even if it meant not being that careful. Or sensible.

Benji, Adam, and the rest of the team use these machines every day, to produce all sorts of stunning graphics for our diverse range of clients. It goes without saying that normally, the guys are extremely professional, attentive, and considered in their work. But not today. Today the gloves are off. We set the guys the challenge of changing the rolls on two of our HP Latex printers as fast as possible, and we produced this short video to document their efforts.

We’ve already had a response from the manufacturers of the printers, HP, themselves – they managed the change in 2 minutes and 55 seconds… watch the video below to see how the PressOn boys did! And if you work with a print company, and are feeling brave… why not have a go yourselves, and film it? We’d love to see everyone’s efforts!

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director