Volvo Takeover at Brent Cross

Client: Volvo
Sector: Mall Media
Services: Install, Print

In one of our latest projects, PressOn was thrilled to provide a variety of impactful print graphics to celebrate the opening of Volvo’s new location at the commercial district of Brent Cross, as well as highlight the installation of two new electric charge points in the shopping centre’s car parks. 

About Volvo 

A multinational car manufacturer based and founded in Sweden, Volvo is famous for producing luxurious, high quality cars which are noted for their practicality and reliability. With nearly 100 years of brand history, the company was created with the concept of safety at its heart, and prides itself on its Swedish design principles and long heritage. 

With the latest IPCC report outlining the imminent dangers facing our planet, it is fitting that a brand centred in safety is taking action to mitigate its own climate impacts. In March 2021, Volvo announced its commitment to become a fully electric brand by 2030, joining a 50/50 venture with Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt in a battery gigafactory and R&D centre. 

The installation of two electric charging stations timed alongside the opening of their new car studio (which centres electric and hybrid cars) is a testament to Volvo’s transition to greener practices. 

The Campaign

PressOn was engaged by Hammerson Operations and Volvo to provide print graphics in a campaign designed to drive footfall to the newly-launched studio. The studio is one of the brand’s first concept stores, designed to make the process of buying a car much smoother and convenient for the customer.

The graphics were also created to inform people of the new charging points available at Brent Cross, as well as serve the wider purpose of advertising Volvo and their evolving fleet of electric vehicles.

The Print 

This was a multi-dimensional project which encompassed many innovative uses of the space on offer at Brent Cross. The print graphics included:

  • A double-sided sandwich self adhesive vinyl on the escalators located near John Lewis & Partners. Escalator graphics are ideally placed to attract the attention of potential customers as they move through the shopping centre, and turn a functional architectural feature into an eye-catching advertising opportunity. 
  • Matt laminated polymeric vinyl was also installed over the entrance to both the blue and red car parks within Brent Cross, ensuring that information about Volvo’s new studio was one of the first things motorists visiting Brent Cross would see while making their way into the shopping centre. 
  • The centre court lower lifts (near Marks and Spencer) and the Mall 5 Level 1 lift doors were also installed with lift graphics – again in matt laminated removable vinyl. Lift graphics are an ideal way to help shoppers absorb information in their downtime as they wait for their elevator to arrive. 
  • Taking advantage of Brent Cross’s airy atriums, PressOn also installed two impressive hanging banners, one in the restaurant area and the other near Fenwicks in the East Mall. Featuring differing designs, the printed blockout fabric was silicone kader stitched, and then inserted into a aluminium tension frame. 

Every print was of the highest quality, showcasing the thoughtful branding of Volvo (including well-considered typography and a subtle yet luxurious colour scheme), and displaying their products to the best possible advantage. 


With so many pieces of printed material to install, the PressOn team worked across two nights on the 22nd and 23rd of June. The installation took place out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to the usual activity in the shopping centre, and a boom (and other machinery) was used to install the car park and hanging banners. 

The graphics are due to be displayed for 8 weeks to cover the launch of Volvo’s new studio, after which the existing graphics that are usually in place over the entrances to Brent Cross’s car parks will be reproduced and reinstalled. 

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