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The Clever Use of ‘Need a Lift’ in a Lift Graphic Campaign for Volvo

In the world of advertising, creativity knows no bounds. Brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of their audience and make a lasting impact. A recent campaign we printed in collaboration with Volvo exemplifies this ingenuity perfectly. Through a play on words and a dash of cleverness, the campaign titled “Need a Lift” leveraged the concept of elevators, both literally and metaphorically, to create a memorable and impactful lift graphic campaign.

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Elevating the Concept:

The campaign revolved around the central theme of “lifting” – a term with dual meanings. On one hand, it plays on the idea of elevators, aligning seamlessly with the automotive context. On the other, it resonates with the human desire to be uplifted, inspired, and taken to new heights – a parallel that Volvo’s vehicles are often associated with.

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Creating a Visual Masterpiece:

Large format printing proved to be the ideal canvas for bringing this concept to life. With the strategic placement of graphics on various outdoor and indoor surfaces, the campaign instantly caught the eye of passersby and potential customers . Inviting them to head to the ground floor to check out Volvo’s new fully electric EX30 that was on display.

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Resonating with the Audience:

The “Need a Lift” campaign struck a chord with a wide audience for several reasons:

  • Ingenious Wordplay: The use of the phrase “Need a Lift” resonated with people on a relatable and emotional level. Whether it was the thought of needing a physical ride or seeking inspiration, the campaign message was universally understood.
  • Positive Associations: Elevators are often associated with upward movement, progress, and change – attributes that align well with Volvo’s brand identity and its commitment to driving excellence.
  • Memorability: The campaign’s clever play on words and unique visuals made it memorable. People were likely to recall the campaign long after encountering it, reinforcing the brand’s presence in their minds.
  • Conversation Starter: The campaign provided a natural conversation starter. People shared their experiences and discussed the creative approach, sparking organic discussions about both the advertising strategy and the Volvo brand itself.
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In the dynamic world of advertising, capturing attention requires innovation and thinking outside the box. The “Need a Lift” campaign for Volvo showcased how a simple play on words and a creative execution can lead to a powerful, engaging, and memorable marketing endeavour. By leveraging the concept of elevators both literally and metaphorically, the campaign not only elevated the brand’s visibility but also left a lasting impression on audiences, proving that when it comes to advertising, a clever idea can truly take your brand to new heights.

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