Tommy Hilfiger Escalators & Lifts At The Bullring

Client: Bullring
Sector: Mall Media, Retail
Services: Install, Print

As fashion pioneers go, Tommy Hilfiger is far from average. The eponymous designer, after whom the hugely popular brand is named, is no stranger to the power of good marketing – at the age of 18, he was already selling reworked jeans to local stores, the start of a career which would see him labelled the ‘king of urban fashion’ by the 1990s. 

It’s fitting then, that their recent UK marketing campaign at Birmingham’s iconic Bullring shopping centre, Tommy Hilfiger opted for a range of direct media which would capture the attention of shoppers using modern, distinctive print solutions. PressOn were contracted to print and produce a campaign which would catch the eye of shoppers using the Bullring’s numerous escalators and lifts. 

Tommy hilfiger escalators

The Campaign

For Tommy Hilfiger’s winter 2021 campaign, the brand opted for a series of simple but powerful graphics, intended to communicate their latest messaging, promote their new line of clothing, and direct shoppers to their Bullring premises. A clear, effective brief like this is at the heart of every successful direct media campaign, and this project is a fantastic example of large format done right. 

The target locations and surfaces for the media were the Bullring’s multiple lift doors and escalators; providing the right print materials and processes are used, these kinds of graphics can draw the attention of the captive audiences of waiting lift passengers and escalator riders. 

A careful balance of imagery, branding, and wayfinding information ensured that visitors to the Bullring were made instantly aware of Tommy Hilfiger’s core messaging and location.  

Tommy hilfiger lifts

The Graphics

In terms of the print media itself, PressOn produced graphics for a total of ten escalators and five lifts across the Bullring’s premises. Working with the Bullring Limited Partnership, PressOn identified the best materials and machinery for the production of the graphics, opting for matt laminate across the board; reverse prints to a removable clear SAV, backed with a white high opacity vinyl was used for the escalator bannister prints (as they needed to stick to the glass sides), and removable vinyl was used for the lift graphics to ensure no residue or marks would be left when the campaign – which was due to run for a month – finished. 

Why escalator and lift graphics? 

More and more brands are making effective use of escalators and lifts as advertising platforms; we’ve written extensively about why they are so popular, but fundamentally it comes down to the fact that among the visual noise in a shopping centre or retail environment, lifts and escalators are environments where shoppers pause and take in their surroundings. 

Whether that’s because they’re waiting for a lift to arrive, or for the escalator to carry them to the next floor, consumers in these spaces can have their attention directed easily to well-placed, high quality print media. 

Why PressOn? 

Producing campaigns such as these requires a combination of machinery, experience, and expertise that not every print provider can supply; and for brands who require pinpoint precision when it comes to colour consistency and visual quality, PressOn’s experience and capabilities can ensure the finished product matches client expectations. 

In the case of Tommy Hilfiger’s Bullring campaign, the need for quality and consistency across a variety of surfaces, along with a tight deadline and installation requirement, meant PressOn were the perfect supplier for the job. 

Tommy hilfiger lift graphics

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