Showcasing Local Artwork: Hollybrook Hoardings

Client: Hollybrook Homes/Simon Periton
Sector: Construction
Services: Hoarding Graphics, Install, Print

With construction projects regaining momentum after the disruption caused by the pandemic, PressOn have been working with a wide range of clients to produce transformative hoarding graphics. Possibly one of the more memorable designs were those commissioned by Hollybrook Homes for their development in Wandsworth.

PressOn were approached by artist Simon Periton, to print and install a series of hoardings which highlight the heritage and ecology of the local area, demonstrating the creative potential of the medium. These graphics are a shining example of how hoardings can do so much more than simply advertise – instead, they can act as a blank canvas, and a platform for artwork and community engagement. Read on to find out more about the project…

The project

Commissioned by Hollybrook Homes, in association with Peabody and with support from the Wandsworth Council Arts and Culture Service, the hoardings at the Osiers Road development display a unique and captivating piece of artwork. Titled ‘Anguilla Anguilla’, the piece was created in collaboration with Year 5 students and has been installed along the 27m hoarding on Osiers Road, in the Riverside Quarter.

PressOn were enlisted to test, print, and install the hoardings in-situ; for a project like this, which seeks to promote community engagement (and the talented work of the local primary school students), durability, longevity and quality are paramount. This kind of artwork needs to be faithfully recreated, and accuracy of colour and appropriate practical adjustments need to be factored into the production process.

The Artwork

The artwork for these hoardings was designed by Simon Periton, with expert assistance from local primary school students. The children were set a series of creative tasks by Simon through digital workshops during autumn 2020, exploring the heritage of the Th­ames and Wandle rivers, and learned various artistic techniques as part of the process.

The artwork itself refers to the earlier growing of osiers (willow) in the area, cut and woven into baskets used to catch eels; European Eels (Anguilla anguilla – hence the title!) lay eggs and then migrate back to European rivers, where they spend up to 20 years before making the journey all the way back to the Sargasso Sea to repeat the process. Th­e artwork reflects the migration of people to and from London, as well as the importance of the natural environment for our wellbeing.

It’s a charming, thoughtful piece of work that showcases the true potential of hoardings to engage with a local community, as well as the history and heritage of a local area – all crucial considerations for a construction project.

The hoarding graphics

The hoarding graphics themselves were nearly 30m long, and 2440mm high. PressOn initially conducted a test print to ensure the final product was visually and physically up to scratch, before printing and installing the final graphics – along with black headers and kickers to serve as a visual break and border. By utilising the right machinery and substrates, PressOn were able to ensure visual clarity, crystal clear definition, and high levels of durability.

Why PressOn?

PressOn was chosen for our decades of expertise producing these kinds of graphics, along with our combination of technical know-how and cutting-edge machinery. Using a combination of low-environmental impact production processes and materials, we were able to produce a captivating hoarding that not only shields the construction site, but inspires passersby – bolstering the perception of the clients’ brand, and creating a platform to showcase the fantastic talent of all involved.

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