PressOn Transforms RIXO London’s Harrods Pop-Up Store

Client: RIXO London
Sector: Retail
Services: Install, Print

To transform the interior of their new pop-up store in Harrods’ Fashion Lab, fashion brand RIXO London contacted PressOn for a series of interior retail graphics. These were to be displayed on various surfaces throughout the store, to help create a retail environment that authentically represents the RIXO brand and the collection of pieces on display – providing an immersive shopping experience for customers that reflects RIXO’s unique approach to fashion design.

Who are RIXO?

Founded in 2015 by Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky, RIXO London are a contemporary womenswear brand whose unique approach to the vintage aesthetic and design has taken the world of fashion by storm.

Their approach to design includes a commitment that no piece would ever be mass-produced, with the brand’s now iconic one-off, vintage-inspired pieces featuring prints that are all hand-painted by the designers in their London studio.

Their work is empowering, elegant, and offers a fresh blend of the old & new – they even offer customers the chance to style their own clothes through their ‘Vintage Edit’ on their site.

The Graphics

The clothes to be sold in Harrod’s include 18 unique pieces from RIXO’s spring/summer 2018 collection, all of which are inspired by botanical studies and the English countryside.

With this in mind, RIXO worked with PressOn to create a combination of floral and animal print graphics, which would echo the print that features in some of their pieces, and create a visual sense of continuity with the layout and furnishings of the store.

The Challenge

With this unique an inspiring approach to fashion in mind, RIXO’s pop-up store had to memorable, authentic, and creative. The interior needed to offer customers an environment that represented the vintage-inspired aesthetic of the RIXO brand, whilst seamlessly providing a home for the collections on display.

Retail graphics offer almost limitless creativity, and their durability and simplicity remains one of the most effective ways to brand an environment. With this in mind, RIXO contacted PressOn directly, and outlined what they wanted to achieve.

The graphics needed to be applied to a number of surfaces – including the floor, columns, walls, and tables – in a range of different sizes and materials, and time was also a factor (as the store was set to open by the end of May).

However the real challenge with creating an immersive retail environment isn’t about the practicality of printing; it’s about achieving true consistency with the various visual branding elements involved.

In a project like this, when different substrates (the materials that the ink is printed onto) need to be used, it can be very difficult to ensure that the various colours, finishes, and design aesthetics remain consistent with one another – even a small error in colour tone or finish can result in the sense of continuity being lost.

This presents a unique challenge: not only do the graphics themselves need to be on brand, but the materials used need to be carefully factored in to the printing process to ensure a flawless sense of ‘flow’ in the retail environment.

The Solution

Working closely with RIXO, PressOn were able to provide advice and assistance at every step of the process, to ensure the designs and materials selected would offer a sense of unhindered branding continuity, and would work in harmony with one another.

Our years of experience working with retail clients (including many prestigious retailers whose specifications are extremely precise) have positioned PressOn as an invaluable collaborator in these kinds of projects.

The floor graphics were produced on our VUTEk printer, with the column graphics, till wrap, wall graphics, table wrap, and plinth wraps all printed on the HP Latex. With continuity and accuracy in mind, PressOn used a satin matt finish on the vinyl printed on the Latex, for a smooth, high-quality overall appearance.  

As the finished product had to be applied to surfaces that couldn’t be marked or marred in any way, PressOn printed the graphics onto a removable vinyl, which can be easily taken down without leaving a trace.

The gold RIXO Logo was routed out on PressOn’s Konsberg machine, with the white logos – which were to be displayed on the mirrored columns – cut out on the Summa vinyl-cutting machine.

PressOn’s team of experts installed the graphics in just four and a half hours, turning the project around from the moment of order to installation in just 11 days.

But don’t just take it from us; in RIXO’s own words:

“RIXO London was fortunate enough to take over a space in Harrods, one of Londons most luxurious department stores. As we wanted the highest quality possible, we went with PressOn for printing and installing all of our elements.”

“We had a range of patterns, which were difficult to follow regarding scaling and placement, but the internal and installation team handled it with seamless professionalism. Throughout the whole experience they were incredibly knowledgeable and reliable – they went above and beyond for all of our needs! We will continue to recommend and work with them in the future.”


PressOn work with clients in any number of industries, but it’s particularly fulfilling to create work for clients with an artistic passion, and a genuine vision for how printing can be used not only practically, but creatively.

If you’d like to find out more about how PressOn could help transform your retail environment, click here for more information on retail graphics from PressOn.

Alternatively, you can contact us for more information on the large format printing we offer.



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