PressOn in 2019: A Showcase Of Printed Media for Luxury Brands

Client: Multiple
Sector: Retail
Services: Install, Print, tension fabric frame

Printed media could be your secret weapon in the battle to stand out from the crowd. Public spaces; particularly retail environments; are often designed to evoke a sense of bounty and boundless choice, posing unique challenges to the competing retailers within them. Finding ingenious ways to integrate your promotional media into the space is key to winning your brand’s way into the hearts and minds of consumers on the move. 

Printed OOH is infinitely versatile in the way it can be designed and installed. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the possible effects evoked by printed media are as extensive as the technical expertise of your printing supplier. PressOn are thrilled to have ongoing relationships with a diverse mix of luxury brands, giving us an ever-refreshing field of opportunity to revel in what we can make possible with our astonishingly extensive repertoire of materials and printing techniques. 

The creative scope of printed media is immediately apparent in our projects. From mounting window displays that warm the heart to creating fabric box-banners that make eye-catching use of overhead space, tailor-making (and installing and removing) printed OOH according to each clients’ unique needs is the kind of challenge on which PressOn thrive. As 2019 draws to a close, we’re taking a look at three of our favourite luxury projects from throughout the year…

RIXO at London Fashion Week

Founded in 2015 by best friends Henrietta Rix and Orla McClosky, RIXO graced London Fashion Week with a pop-up called “Back to the Garden”; a psychedelic indoor ‘field’  complete with butterflies and grassy knolls. This throwback to the hippy era was tailored to the ‘Vintage Edit’ aesthetic of their designs; a ‘Woodstock’-like scene was chosen, which meant some elaborate set decoration, including a variety of printed media. 

PressOn assisted RIXO in the creation of this dreamscape, producing and installing bespoke printed elements adorning the windows, walls and other areas of the space; instrumental to rendering the overall concept. We individually applied transparent films in seven different colours to the venue’s window panes — 189 in total — bathing the carnival of 60’s creativity in soft, multi-coloured light. The walls were decorated with over 50 vinyl decals, emblazoned with hand-drawn flowers. 

Knowing how to complement the decorative printed media within the space with additional detailing is key to making it feel totally transformed, rather than merely decorated. We created kiss-cut vinyl decals, dressing up ancillary elements like floorspace and offering RIXO’s guests a totalistic teleportation to the “One Love” era where the creative energy flows free. Our rapid installation and removal of the graphics from the space befits the sense of the scene as a magical portal; they were up for just over 24 hours and expertly removed in their entirety at 7am the next morning. 

Tension fabric frames for Vashi

Vashi are an ethical, fine-jewellery service whose mission to “demystify the diamond” has led them to explore a totalistic revamp of the typical experience of jewellery shopping. Diamonds may be forever, but gone are the unnecessary trappings of fusty glass cabinets and austere security guards. Vashi offers a thoroughly contemporary shopping experience; shoppers are invited to pop open a Corona and pull up a seat, even participating in the mounting or engraving of their purchase-to-be. 

OOH that demonstrates the cutting-edge nature of your business model is vital for brands like Vashi that are thinking so far outside the traditional jewelry box. In collaboration with Limited Space, PressOn assisted Vashi in foregrounding their novelty within the retail space with the use of tension fabric frames to create box-banners, allowing them to suspend their 3D promotional artwork from the ceiling. 

A cubic shape was selected to display the artwork to best advantage in this printed design with a striking red and black colour scheme. It is worth noting, however, that a custom aluminum frame can be rendered in (almost) any configuration, making tension fabric frames an ideal choice for all manner of luxury branding. Also befitting Vashi’s progressive stance, the adventure doesn’t end when the promotional period is over. The fabric box-banners are fully recyclable, safeguarding the natural environment as well as bedecking the retail one.  

Christmas Window Displays at Harrods 

Producing printed media for established retail traditions is a privilege, and we were delighted to collaborate in the creation of the Christmas window display at Harrods. Planning the composition of these iconic window dressings begins in September; the Visual Store Image Team calls on many different technical experts to render the revolutionary designs before the “big reveal” at the beginning of the Festive Season. 

Thrilled to participate in this time-honoured tradition, PressOn’s in-house team of specialists put together a range of beautiful graphics to bring the windows to life. We adapted our creations to suit the composition of each window, but our output was unified across the panoramas by its quality – in particular, by our characteristic commitment to colour consistency, reflective of Harrods’ reputation for excellence. 

Our printed media features in multiple different windows, accompanying dazzling designs by the London-based creatives at 3D Eye Ltd, who have been working with the beloved department store on their displays for over a decade. Taking a cue from Santa Claus with regard to his discretion and multi-tasking efficiency, we executed the entirety of its installation overnight, for maximum magical impact. 

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