No Stopping Wingstop: Mixed Print Media At Cabot Circus & The Oracle

Client: Wingstop
Sector: Hospitality, Mall Media

Printed mall media will always be one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand. And while even a simple, single banner can make an impact on shoppers, when brands think outside the box and embrace campaigns which combine different types of print, a whole new world of creative possibilities opens up. 

The result? A high-impact, multi-faceted marketing campaign which captures the attention and imagination of mall shoppers; increasing touchpoints, and maximising visibility. 

Working with PressOn, this is precisely what Wingstop did at Cabot Circus, and the Oracle in Reading. 

About Wingstop

A true international giant of chicken-wing-based cuisine, Wingstop was founded in Garland, Texas in 1994; it started offering franchises 3 years later, and in 2018 the award-winning and much-celebrated restaurant chain opened its first premises in the UK. Its restaurant in Cambridge Circus (just off Shaftesbury Avenue) was the first of its then-1,200 franchises to open in Europe.

In the years since, the brand has gone from strength to strength in the UK, and its growth has been fantastic – Wingstop is aiming to become a top 10 global restaurant brand; Wingstop entered into a 100-restaurant agreement with Lemon Pepper Holdings in 2017 as the sole franchisee for the UK market, and in the years since has opened in several new locations – its portfolio now has a mix of high street, shopping mall and ghost kitchen locations.

The Campaigns

As part of this expansion, and as a globally-recognisable brand, Wingstop understands the value of visual and brand marketing. For a hotly-anticipated brand like Wingstop, the opening of new locations is an exciting prospect when it comes to marketing, and for their Cabot Circus and Oracle openings, the brand capitalised on the potential of mall media to market their exciting news. 

Notably, Wingstop opted for comprehensive, mixed mall media campaigns; making the most of the power of combined print installations, Wingstop used an assortment of media in each location to improve visibility, reinforce messaging, and make a lasting impression on shoppers as they announced their new openings. 

Across the two locations, for two separate campaigns, Wingstop opted for a combination of lift doors, hanging banners, escalator graphics and posters. The media is a fantastic showcase for the power of unified large format within a shopping mall environment. 

Cabot Circus: Printed Media

For their new store opening at Cabot Circus, Wingstop opted for a variety of simple but highly visually impactful designs. For a 6-month duration, their graphics adorned a range of locations in the mall, including a set of graphics on a series of lift doors, banners in the car park, and a series of balustrade graphics – to ensure that from the moment shoppers arrived, and as they browsed the space, they were consistently reminded of the exciting new eatery. 

For the four car park banners, PressOn produced a series of wall-mounted tension fabric frames. This type of media has become increasingly popular in a mall setting, due to its versatility, low environmental impact, and ease of installation and removal – not to mention the incredibly high visual quality they offer.

Along with the banners, a series of high quality lift graphics, printed on self-adhesive vinyl (to ensure an easy removal process, with no lingering residue) were installed. Complementing this, a series of double-sided balustrade graphics were sandwich printed and internally applied. 

Each of the graphics featured simple, clear messaging – and a variety of different imagery, of the various different flavours Wingstop offers. This simple but effective design meant that as shoppers made their way around the mall, they were regularly exposed to a variety of highly appealing imagery from Wingstop, tempting them to stop for a bite at the new store. 

The result? When it opened, the queue for the new Wingstop eatery was snaking along the pavement and past the bus stop outside.


The Oracle Reading: Printed Media

For the Oracle, Wingstop again employed their simple but powerful approach to visuals and messaging, and utilised the same approach to print media: combining different prints for maximum visibility and impact. 

Along with a series of car park ramp banners and lift doors, Wingstop also made use of two other highly effective large format solutions at the Oracle: hanging tension fabric frame banners, escalator graphics, and clip frame posters. 

For the hanging banner, a tension fabric frame was suspended at height above shoppers, with graphics printed to fabric which was held at tension on both sides of the frame. The result was an eye-catching, unique print which caught the attention of visitors from a large distance. 

For their escalator graphics, all 4 long pieces of glass on the main entrance escalator bannisters had double-sided sandwich print vinyls applied; opaque vinyl ensured a bold visual finish, with high contrast making it easy to read and take in the graphics while on the escalator, or viewing them from a difference. 

These installations, along with more car park banners, and the inclusion of 6 A1 posters, ensured that visitors to the mall couldn’t miss Wingstop’s campaign, and when it came to grabbing a bite to eat, the temptation for the restaurant’s cuisine would attract plenty of business. 

A masterclass in multimedia print marketing

The simplicity of the designs, the multitude of large format solutions, and the comprehensive placement across both mall spaces are a textbook example of just how effective printed mall media can be. Wingstop are taking the UK by storm, and by working with PressOn on their print marketing, have ensured maximum awareness of their latest openings. 

PressOn have been working with clients like Wingstop on their mall media for decades, and our low-environmental-impact solutions, coupled with our comprehensive one-stop-shop service (which even includes design), means brands can achieve truly spectacular results with their large format printing. If you’d like to discuss your own project or concept, our expert project managers would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch over on our website. 


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