Nickelodeon Adventure at Lakeside

Client: Nickelodeon Adventure, Spaceandpeople
Sector: Mall Media, Retail
Services: Install, Print

One of the great things about working with so many different and unique clients is that you often get to work with a business or brand that just makes you smile. This was very much the case when PressOn were contracted to produce an eye-catching escalator branding campaign for Nickelodeon Adventure at Lakeside. 

A big part of many of our childhoods (and some of our own children’s current source of entertainment), Nickelodeon Adventure opted for a bright, colourful campaign that was bursting with the character of the iconic media brand, whilst showcasing just how effective escalator graphics can be. 

Lakeside escalator graphics

The Campaign

With its six distinct ‘zones’ which feature everything from Spongebob Squarepants’ Bikini Bottom to Paw Patrol’s Adventure Bay, and even a ‘slime cafe’, Nickelodeon Adventure is a fun-packed day out for the family. Situated at The Quay, at Lakeside Shopping Centre, this new adventure park captures the visual magic of Nickelodeon’s iconic characters – and the direct media campaign to promote it needed to directly reflect this. 

Working with Spaceandpeople, Nickelodeon wanted to inform shoppers at Lakeside about the park, and attract potential visitors using a series of eye-catching, impactful graphics. Escalators were chosen as the platform best suited to this kind of campaign, and PressOn set about producing high quality direct media for installation.

The campaign featured bright, vibrant graphics running the length of both bannisters across two sets of escalators between the ground and first floors. Clear branded messaging offers wayfinding advice (‘find us outside in the Quay’), with a simple, clear call to action (‘visit us this Christmas’). Colourful graphics and imagery serve to communicate what the Park has to offer, and attracts potential visitors of all ages. 

Nickelodeon escalator graphics

The Graphics

To ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness,  PressOn produced a series of double sided graphics to be adhered to the glass bannisters of the escalators in question. These were created using a sandwich print of printed white vinyl & printed clear SAV, and totalled 40 linear metres. PressOn used our HP Latex 3600 to produce the graphics, for its colour accuracy and level of precision, to ensure the finished product completely matched the client’s expectations.

Why escalator graphics? 

Escalators are a powerful and versatile branding and advertising tool for all kinds of campaigns – they can appeal to both the captive audience of escalator riders, and passers-by on both connected floors simultaneously, and their unique placement and style makes them a captivating installation in a shopping mall environment. 

In the case of Nickelodeon Adventure, there was the added bonus that the height of the graphics would sit at eye level with one part of their potential client base – younger children. It’s hard for children to resist this kind of colourful, clear advertising campaign, and for Nickelodeon Adventure, this kind of direct media was a fantastic opportunity to make an impression.

View of Nickelodeon's escalator graphics

Why PressOn? 

The graphics for this campaign needed to ensure faithful brand representation for Nickelodeon Adventure, and with photography and other colourful imagery a key part of the design, PressOn were the perfect partner for supply; our expertise, experience, and ability to produce highly precise and accurate media meant we were able to meet the need for quality and consistency, along with the tight schedule for production and installation.  

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