Moving ‘Intu’ A Successful 2020 – Prints For Swarovski & Superdrug

Client: Intu
Sector: Mall Media, Retail
Services: Install, Print, tension fabric frame

Over the past few years, PressOn have worked with retail real estate company Intu on a wide range of outdoor advertising campaigns for their clients – from simple banner graphics to enormous suspended tension fabric cubes, PressOn and Intu have collaborated on all kinds of inspiring and eye-catching large format print projects, and as 2019 rolled to a close, they worked to promote the festive period for two prestigious clients. 

In December, PressOn produced and installed a series of printed large format outdoor advertisements for Swarovski and Superdrug, to help promote their Christmas offerings, and increase brand awareness. The promotions took place over three different Intu shopping malls, and are a great example of how print can be used in cohesive and versatile ways. 


As one of the most highly regarded and recognisable jewellery brands on the market, Swarovski set a very high bar for their advertising – and rightly so. Their reputation as a high end luxury retailer hinges on consistency, which also means all of their marketing has to meet exacting standards. This requires suppliers and specialists who are not only able to generate the very best results, but to do so consistently – this is why Intu contacted PressOn. 

PressOn have worked with Swarovski before; not only does the retailer ensure consistent and wide-reaching marketing, they also embrace new and innovative approaches to advertising. 

In 2018, PressOn produced a huge cube made from tension fabric frames, which was suspended above visitors to an Intu shopping centre – and while this year’s campaign might not have been quite as extravagant, it was nonetheless a fantastic example of how effective printed outdoor advertising can be. 

PressOn printed and installed a variety of different graphic adverts for Swarovski, which were displayed across two different Intu shopping malls. These featured prints that were adhered to glass, meaning they could be viewed from both sides!

At Intu Chapelfield and Intu Braehead, PressOn put together a series of escalator graphics for their festive marketing, which were installed on the bannisters up the length of the stairs. These matched and complemented a series of bannister graphics which were also printed and installed throughout the malls. 

The result was a simple but elegant reinforcement of brand messaging – shoppers at the locations were exposed to Swarovski’s imagery and marketing repeatedly as they moved through the mall in a variety of locations, positioned for maximum reach and visibility. 

The campaign was clear and minimal, tempting shoppers to treat a loved one during the Christmas period. Their choice of a festive red colour scheme compounded their messaging, and PressOn’s expertise and cutting-edge equipment ensured every single panel was perfectly colour-consistent. 


Superdrug may not be a luxury brand in the same vein as Swarovski, but they have an equally significant presence in the UK retail market, as a leading health and beauty brand. For Christmas in 2019, Superdrug also chose to work with Intu and PressOn, although only within one Intu location: Arndale. 

The huge shopping mall in Manchester proved the ideal location for Superdrug to commision Intu and PressOn to create a series of printed graphics to promote their festive campaigns, which featured standout pink and purple graphics, complete with imagery showcasing their ‘12 deals of Christmas’ offers. 

This kind of campaign can benefit hugely from printed advertising – the ‘12 deals’ concept encouraged viewers, once they had seen one of the products on offer, to discover which other items were included in the sale; this was easy to do, as Superdrug adorned the shopping center with a range of graphics, ensuring this festive ‘treasure hunt’ was not only exciting, but accessible. 

PressOn printed a range of graphics across three ‘phases’ of installation, and these included escalator prints, bannister graphics, and even pillar graphics – for a particularly attention-grabbing and diverse range of mediums. These were all created using PressOn’s range of advanced and cutting-edge machinery, which enables us to print graphics for almost any surface, in any shape, and with any design. 

Moving into 2020

As we move into a new decade, it’s going to become more important than ever for retailers to find ways to stand out both in the way they present their physical presence and storefronts, to the ways they advertise. Reaching the consumer and communicating a message has never been more competitive, or more important, and shopping mall media offers brands a unique opportunity to get their business right in front of the customers they want to appeal to. 

In 2020 and beyond, we’re confident that large format print is going to become increasingly popular and important, as it has so much creative potential for brands. From new exciting mediums (such as tension fabric frames) to fresh takes on tried and tested formats, we’re excited to discover what brands want to achieve with their printing over the next few years, and we can’t wait to make it a reality. 

Want to know more?

We’re looking forward to our future work with Intu, and the huge range of exciting brands that they collaborate with. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the specialist large format printing we offer, feel free to contact us via our website. We’re always happy to answer any questions, or discuss any project ideas you have!

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