Moat Homes at Centrale – Escalator and Lift Graphics

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In the UK, both buying a home and accessing affordable rented accommodation has become increasingly difficult for large numbers of people. Moat Homes, a leading housing association in the South East of England, helps to alleviate this problem by building high quality, affordable homes for those in housing need.

With a new development in Crystal Palace offering a government-backed scheme of shared ownership (which is often cheaper than renting in the private market and provides long-term security), Moat Homes approached PressOn to provide promotional graphics in the Croydon shopping centre Centrale.

Who are Moat Homes?

moat homes central escalator graphics

Moat Homes are a not-for-profit organisation who have been in operation for over fifty years. They are dedicated to providing those who need housing with homes they can be proud of, as well as being a supportive and reliable landlord. Funded through a combination of government grants and private finance, they build new homes in order to help tackle the housing crisis.

As a not-for-profit, rather than distributing profits back to shareholders, they use any money they make to invest in the communities they work in, pursue house building projects and realise their broader social aims.

Working across the South East, Moat Homes provides housing everywhere from Dover to Dartford. The development featured in this print campaign featured one, two and three bedroom apartments for shared ownership in the sought-after area of Beulah Hill, Croydon.

The challenge

In order to raise public awareness in Croydon of both the new development and the affordable option of shared ownership, PressOn was tasked with a print project within the Centrale Shopping Centre that utilised a high-traffic area (located near the car park) and made best use of the space available to promote new homes at Crystal Palace.

The solution devised by the experts at PressOn, Commercialisation at Centrale and Moat Homes was to apply a striking combination of escalator graphics and nine lift door graphics which advertised the new development.

The project

With large amounts of space on offer within Centrale’s interior, PressOn’s experience in print campaigns informed the decision to focus graphics in the areas that are most used by visitors – namely the lifts and elevators.

The graphics had to be eye-catching, attractive and reflect the appeal of Moat Homes new development, while also conveying all the information necessary for people to find out more.

All of the Moat Home graphics were self-adhesive vinyls, which were printed on PressOn’s Latex machines. In order to be as visually impactful as possible and to make the most of the available space, double sided vinyl graphics were used on the escalators, while the lift graphics were printed on removable HOP with an appealing matt laminate finish.

The cutting-edge technology available at PressOn ensured that the resulting print graphics were of the highest possible quality, both in terms of the vibrancy of the design and the resilience of the materials.

Fast installation

As with all advertising campaigns, speed and efficiency were key aspects in the success of this project, and the Moat Home graphics were expertly installed overnight at Centrale for a month-long placement. With PressOn living up to its reputation for both print quality and excellent service, the client and Centrale’s commercialisation team were happy with the outcome of this campaign.
With people keen to once again explore the outside world and take part in tangible, real-life retail experiences, temporary print campaigns throughout shopping centers are an excellent option for brands.

By communicating both the quality of their housing developments and support they can provide in facilitating home ownership for those who may be struggling, this campaign has helped Moat Homes to reach those who need them and take another step forward in achieving their social goals.

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