Absolutely Vaultless – PressOn Create Bank Vault Hoardings For Harrods

Client: Harrods
Sector: Outdoor Media, Retail
Services: Install, Print

Harrods recently employed PressOn to print a series of enormous hoarding graphics, in the style of a huge bank vault. In collaboration with 3D installations company 3D Eye, PressOn helped to create some of the most eye-catching and visually impressive site hoardings they’ve ever worked on.

The Brief

PressOn have worked with a number of recognisable brands and clients, but Harrods are arguably one of the most prestigious. We’ve had the pleasure of printing and installing a variety of unique projects for them over the years, so when they were preparing the hoardings for their recent refurbishment, PressOn were the go-to firm for the printing work.

The refurbishment in question required the construction of a large hoarding, which without careful design could potentially have a negative impact on the impeccable, high-end luxury aesthetic Harrods work hard to maintain.

Even with printed hoardings, it’s usually very clear that they’re in place simply to shield the public from any work that’s underway – Instead, Harrods wanted something special, eye-catching, and perfectly on-brand.   

Taking inspiration from a series of displays in the Brompton Road store, which featured beautifully-constructed safety deposit boxes, they decided that the hoarding itself should resemble the doors of a huge bank vault, in their iconic green and gold colour scheme, complete with two full-size vault doors, and carefully-planned graphics giving the impression of a wall of lockboxes.

Bank vault hoarding graphics

The Challenge

The sheer scale of the hoardings themselves meant that careful planning and specific measurements were required. Detailed measurements were provided by Harrods and Reflex, the hoarding contractor, which PressOn used to ensure the graphics would appear seamless – while this is a common stage of any printing project, the size of this hoarding meant that attention to detail was paramount.

This was also an unusual project in that it involved the inclusion of 3D elements: the vault doors and the detailing on the edges and corners, which were constructed and provided by 3D Eye. Working in collaboration with other creative firms is something PressOn are familiar with, and it was an exciting process to discover how 3D Eye planned to transform the flat printed vault surfaces into a realistic, immersive installation.

In working alongside a prestigious client such as Harrods, it’s also vital that every visual aspect of a project such as this is consistent, and all elements work perfectly in tandem. Particularly with branding factors such as the use of colour, pinpoint accuracy is required to ensure an aligned visual finish.

PressOn’s team of experienced and passionate printing experts are comfortable with this kind of challenge – and using cutting-edge equipment, were able to ensure that every aspect of the finished hoarding matched the vision Harrods had for the project.

The Printing

printing the Harrods vault

The installation, which was to be constructed outdoors at the door 5 entrance on Hans Crescent, required the use of some carefully-chosen substrates and materials. PressOn decided to use Avery vinyl, a permanent substrate, with a matt lamination – which would achieve the perfect visual finish, and would easily last the duration of the project (the vinyl was to be in place for one month.) This was then mounted onto 3mm ACM panels for security and stability, and installed on the hoarding by PressOn’s installation team.

Even with a few late-game changes to size (some panels needed to be reworked at the last minute), the project ran smoothly from initial discussion through to print and installation. The scale and scope of this hoarding speaks for itself, and helping to make it a reality was a fantastic experience for the PressOn team.

Vault hoarding graphics in place
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