Harrods & Fendace: Using Print Graphics to Showcase A Memorable Collaboration

Client: Harrods
Sector: Retail
Services: Print

The Fendace Brand – a partnership between Versace and Fendi – was presented last September during Milan fashion week with a host of celebrities and supermodels taking part, before embarking on a global series of pop up shops. The UK pop up took place in Harrods, London, and PressOn designed, printed, and installed a series of graphics to support the launch of this exciting project. 

About the project

PressOn have worked with Harrods for many years, (on their window displays, various pop ups and other graphics across the store) – and when we work with such a prestigious client, we know that we must deliver perfection with every graphic that we produce; our regular partnerships with Harrods mean we know the premises, windows, and requirements for these projects well, making PressOn the ideal partners not only to print and install the media, but to design the graphics as well. 

The Fendace pop up shop took over the exhibition window space for two highly-anticipated weeks, exhibiting items from the partnership between two fashion giants, as well as a selection of Harrods exclusives. The products include a variety of items that feature a maximalist design, which brings together the ornate Baroque and Medusa designs of Versace with the opulent fabrics, elements and motifs of Fendi. 

Also known as ‘the swap’, the range has been described as each house bringing their own perspective to the other brand’s designs, with two collections; Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace, collectively known as Fendace. Much discussed in the fashion world, the team released a statement saying: “Fendace is a unique moment in fashion. It’s an exchange of roles and brand codes rather than a collaboration.”

Interior and exterior graphics

PressOn were supplied with the concept details by Fendi for the project, which were then brought to life by our in-house Design Studio. The Print was produced on our flatbed R series and using latex inks, with artwork drawing heavily on the iconic design features of both of the fashion houses, with ornate curlicues, logos and gold detailing, as well as taking direct cues from the Fendace products themselves.

PressOn initially created teaser graphics for the ground floor and first floor windows. This is the first time the first floor windows have been used in this way, as well as the fanlights which sit underneath the canopies. The design of these were simple but luxurious – hinting at what was to come. The graphics established a level of depth by repeating the logo of the project in the background, creating a textured ‘wall-like’ effect.

Once the retail space opened, the windows were changed to double-sided reveal graphics, opening up the design to spotlight the product displays in the windows, and back into the exhibition space.

The designs continued on into the interior, where PressOn created four different types of media for the various surfaces. These included the columns, bulkheads, changing rooms and shutters, which had the same design on them as the previous teaser graphics. Focus was paid to ensuring colour continuity across the various types of media to create a cohesive image. 

Challenges & details

The first floor windows have bevelled edges, are an intricate shape, and do not have a smooth uniform surface. These specifications had to be surveyed and taken into consideration when developing the prints. The installation also had to be finished by hand, to fit the unusual shape of the windows.

As with all of our work with Harrods, our team of experts provided seamless installations of each graphic solution, with quick turnaround and removal and with minimal interruption to the running of the rest of the store.

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