Driving Brand Awareness – PressOn & KIA Xceed Together

Client: Intu, Kia
Sector: Mall Media
Services: Install, Print

When it comes to large and prestigious brands, few hold quite as impressive weight in the world of advertising as car manufacturers. Their campaigns are varied and diverse, and showcase some of the best creative out there across a wide variety of formats.

Motor brand Kia are no exception, and their latest offering the ‘Xceed’ was launched through an integrated campaign across a variety of platforms. PressOn were tasked with printing and installing a series of graphics across different substrates, to be installed in various Intu shopping centres around the UK. The graphics are unique and varied, and are a show-stopping example of the power of printed outdoor advertising. Read on to find out more…

The Challenge

kia prints fabric box

With large-scale outdoor advertising campaigns such as this, it’s not simply a case of printing the same graphic in a few different sizes. Each installation requires careful planning, expertise, and equipment, and Kia Xceed campaign was no exception. The campaign would feature graphics at 5 different shopping centres – and each one required specific and unique prints.

When it comes to large, international brands like Kia, standards and expectations are extremely high in terms of advertising. These kinds of brands only choose to work with suppliers they know can deliver the quality they require, and in the world of print this means absolute pinpoint accuracy, colour matching, and durability.

The graphics need to look outstanding from the moment they’re installed, to the moment they’re taken down – in other words, they need to reflect the quality and standards of the product and brand they’re advertising. They also need to really stand out, and make a great impression, which is where PressOn came in…

The Solution

Kia fabric cube

PressOn are well-known for their outstanding quality, and have worked with Intu on several other projects, for prestigious clients. Intu experiences knew that PressOn would be able to create a series of exceptional prints, which would eventually involve escalators, balustrades, pillar graphics, and an enormous show-stopping tension fabric cube.

At PressOn, we’re very proud of how adaptable we are – we owe this to both our fantastic team of printers, installers, and project managers – and our excellent print equipment! This is why we’re chosen to produce graphics for these kind of projects – knowing how best to produce prints that meet the various different requirements for each installation is something not every print supplier can achieve to such a high standard.

The Prints

Tension fabric cube prints

At the Lakeside shopping centre, PressOn printed and installed a series of graphics which were displayed on pillars around the premises. Produced on our HP Latex, these graphics were printed onto vinyl which was then laminated and adhered to semi-rigid PVC – perfect for this kind of curved surface.

At the impressive Metrocentre, in Gateshead, PressOn installed a range of printed graphics for the escalators in the venue. This is an unusual and impactful way to advertise, and PressOn have a lot of experience working on escalator branding. The prints for Kia were for two escalators, and six balustrades, and were produced on double sided vinyl for both formats.

PressOn also produced a series of 18 double-sided vinyl prints at Braehead, onto the balustrades in the central atrium of the shopping centre.

The Showstopper – Trafford Centre Tension Fabric Frame

Fabric cube for kia

If there was one element of the project that really stood out the most, it was the work we completed for the Intu Trafford Centre. This huge, beautiful venue makes it the perfect space to install a breathtaking, unique outdoor advertisement – in this case, a massive, 3-dimensional printed tension fabric frame box.

This box is made from a combination of aluminium framing, with printed fabric suspended inside – this is then raised high above shoppers. Creating this kind of installation isn’t easy: the graphics were printed to a blockout fabric and finished by stitching a silicone kader to the edges, to enable the fabric to be pushed into the tension frame.

The frame itself is 3m wide, 5m high, and 3m deep. Our installers fitted the fabric graphics into the frame, and the cube itself was raised to the ceiling and installed by specialist rope access installers.

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