Celebrating John Russel Cavapool with Floor Graphics at the Kölnischer Kunstverein Gallery

Client: Kölnischer Kunstverein
Sector: Art installation, Museums and Galleries
Services: Print

In general, the primary aim of most large format print projects is to meet the advertorial objectives of commercial clients, such as increased brand awareness or higher ATV. On occasion, however, the team at PressOn are tasked with creating eye-catching graphics in a rather different context, which was the case in our recent work for the Kölnischer Kunstverein Gallery. 

For this project, gallery stakeholders were interested in the use of striking floor graphics in the exhibition Cavapool – showcasing the work of contemporary British artist John Russell – with PressOn ably delivering on both print and installation. 

About the Kölnischer Kunstverein Gallery

The Kölnischer Kunstverein is a historical art society that has been active in the promotion of contemporary art since 1839, setting out to contribute to the fascinating and philosophical question: what is new art? The gallery itself, located in Cologne and known as the “Brücke”,  has been the home of Kölnischer Kunstverein since 1950 after its construction by Wilhelm Riphahn. 

This light and airy building acts as an exhibition venue and project space, and is home to ten refurbished studios designed to help support young artists in Cologne, helping to safeguard the city’s artistic traditions despite high rents and difficult living conditions for those on low incomes.

About John Russell

John Russell is an artist, author and performer who studied at Goldsmiths College of Art, Slade School of Art and Saint Martin’s School of Art. His mixed-media art pieces, in the words of the gallery, are “in the sense of an anti-aesthetic, influenced by the genres of science fiction and trash: apocalyptic, post-humanistic worlds in which lush natural landscapes are transformed by techno-scientific developments.” 


Impactful Floor Graphics

There is a huge amount of scope in the skills and machinery available at PressOn for art fabrication, and this project is a great demonstration of how large format print (and in this case, specifically floor graphics) can enhance spaces outside of the strictly commercial sphere. 

Printed on WW300 matt white with FV8-85 non slip 6 month R11 laminate and trimmed to size, this vinyl floor graphic was an astonishing 10m x 40m in size, and will be in situ for three months throughout the life of the exhibition. 

Featuring a complex, liquid, oil slick shape and intricate graphics weaving neon greens with gravel greys, the print is a testament to the creativity of the artist, as well as the expertise and technological capabilities of PressOn, and it’s a project we are proud to be involved in. 

We hope by showing what print has to offer in this project, we’ve sparked your imagination in how the medium could assist you in your next commercial campaign or artistic project. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more. 


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