Building Wraps For Beginners

by Andy Wilson
on 26th May 2020

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Building wraps are a popular tactic for masking the looks and atmosphere of construction sites. They are full or partial covers which are used to hide unsightly building works and scaffolding, thereby allowing them to transform into a stunning focal point within the local area.

By covering a site of any shape or size with building wrap — a flexible, PVC banner onto which almost anything can be printed — organisations carrying out construction work can access a simple means of effortlessly pleasing passersby and engaging the local community. 

If you are considering how to maximise the visual potential of your construction project or are looking for a way to foster positive community engagement, building wraps are a fantastic way to help you achieve your aims… 

What are building wraps?

As their name suggests, building wraps are banners which are designed to cover, or wrap, a  building. In physical terms, building wraps are large printed PVC banners, which can partially or entirely wrap a building. Made of light, flexible material, building wraps are less likely than solid facades to be affected by the wind,  meaning they can provide reliable coverage throughout the duration of their installation, at the end of which they can be easily removed. 

In addition to their fundamental and most obvious function of covering a building while it is undergoing construction, building wraps can be a highly effective form of printed OOH Using a wrap, an organisation can cover an entire building, from floor to roof, in seamless graphics. This can be used to share messages of all kinds; for instance, useful information about the local area. 

Why are they effective?

Eye-catching and highly visible, building wraps present a wide array of different advantages in terms of displaying content, whatever angle or form this takes. Organisations carrying out construction work who opt for building wraps as a means of camouflaging their building sites benefit from a number of different practical features including:

Social shareability: Visually dynamic designs which draw the eye can be great opportunities for advertising in themselves, although restrictions apply to any content or artwork which is too overtly promotional. A stylish wrap is more than likely to appear on social media as the background of a photo, and may even be a worthy contender for the subject of the photo itself.

All-round visibility:In contrast to the building sites that they generally mask, building wraps contain graphics that can attract onlookers’ attention, rather than signalling to them to tune out. Whether your aim is to promote a particular idea, or simply to divert attention from the construction work behind the wrap, its high visibility makes it an ideal means of achieving your aims.

A guaranteed audience. Organisations who opt for a building wrap can spend the duration of their construction project confident in the knowledge that the temporary facade will be seen daily (and nightly) by a huge number of different people.. These range from passing vehicles to the residents and workers in the area, and will span a wide cross-section of different demographics. Depending on the area and the nature of the construction project itself, building wraps can be ingeniously designed to convey a wide range of different messages and effects.

Building a good reputation. As long as there are construction projects, there will be local people and passersby who react to the sites with mixed — and not always positive — feelings. Organisations who make the effort to shield the surrounding community from the debris, noise and unattractive underbelly of their construction work with a building wrap are best placed to win the toleration — and potentially even appreciation — of the people who see it. 

Fulfilling your social responsibility to enhance rather than detract from the aesthetics of the surrounding environment during construction can set your organisation apart from others — a building wrap is an uncomplicated means of enhancing your reputation.

What can construction wraps be used for?

Beyond neutralising the sight of the on-site work that they conceal, companies are embracing building wraps for a variety of different purposes, including keeping dust and debris produced by the site from blowing into the surrounding area. Key reasons to consider using construction wraps in your building project include:

Sharing useful information: As well as promoting brands, products and services in some cases, a building wrap can showcase information and ideas. Messaging may involve anything from providing useful maps and tips about the local area, to local or general suggestions for eco-friendly living, such as pointing out where the nearest recycling facilities are.

The more a building wrap is useful to the community, the more likely everyone who sees them is to feel positive about the company behind the project, and to forgive them for the building work itself.

Showcasing the finished building: When locals complain about the sight and sound of building work in their area, this is often underscored by a sense that the process will go on forever, with the date when the building is eventually revealed nowhere in sight.

Construction wraps can be used to put an end to public suspense, illustrating the planned outcome of the work in all its completed glory. This can help stir up local enthusiasm for the finished project — adding to its anticipated commercial success — as well as reducing resentment while the work is underway.

Keeping the building site on-site: In addition to reducing noise, the complete coverage provided by a building wrap can help contain the dirt, dust and smoke produced by the various construction processes taking place on-site.

A company which takes the initiative to minimise the impacts of the atmospheric effects of building work on the surrounding community increases their chances of being regarded favourably by the local authorities.

How can you get a building wrap made?

Print team

When initially exploring the advantages of different types of outdoor advertising, it can be easy to overlook the practical aspects of implementing them in your projects — such as how long they take to prepare and implement — but familiarisation with these is crucial to confirm which option is most suitable for your needs. Getting a building wrap made efficiently involves:

  • Deciding on a design plenty of time in advance, to allow for any necessary changes;
  • Finding out the exact design specifications of your project, e.g. its measurements and any unusual features; 
  • Finding a print supplier such as PressOn with expertise in creating building wraps;
  • Discussing your ideas with the print supplier; a conversation which will establish key elements such as the duration of the project, costings and any licensing requirements for local authorisation.

While a good supplier such as PressOn can often reprint projects very quickly, having an entirely new set of graphics made and installed can be a strain on your timeline, and your budget. It is important to note that, in all projects involving outdoor advertising on printed materials, mistakes are irreversible and costly.

Getting the best possible advice in your advance planning of your building wrap design can help prevent any errors, ensuring your wrap design integrates perfectly into its chosen setting.

Ready to wrap up?

At PressOn, we oversee the creation of outdoor advertising for all manner of different projects nationwide, and can advise on your design and installation requirements, offering you the benefits of our rich and comprehensive knowledge in direct relation to your specific project.

The result? A personalised plan which suits your needs in full. We can then oversee every step of the execution, from conducting site surveys and health and safety risk assessments, to installation, as well as on-going maintenance and safe removal. 

If you are keen to explore how building wraps could increase the advertising potential of your construction project(s) and transform their appearance and presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Written by
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