Vehicle Livery

Vehicle livery is an extremely effective and unique way of advertising. It can be used to either promote your own companies brand or offered up as a unique canvas to prospective advertisers.

A high quality, well thought out livery can grab attention in a way no other printed media can. It’s a travelling outdoor advertisement and where your vehicles go; your company’s brand or advertisement goes with it. This is what makes vehicle livery so unique and an extremely cost effective means of advertising that can have great reach and provide brilliant brand awareness 24/7.

Here at PressOn we are experts in digitally printing vehicle graphics for companies that want to capitalise on the benefits of a high quality vehicle wrap.

We print and install vehicle livery for fleets of commercial vehicles both large and small ranging from taxis to lorries. We have worked with some of the UK’s leading vehicle advertising agencies to provide high quality and cost effective solutions that can been seen all over the country.

We have invested heavily in state of the art machinery that produces stunning results on printed vinyl, maintaining perfect colour consistency. This enables our clients to focus on the design of their livery, whilst we ensure it will look consistent on every vehicle. This is essential for large runs of printed vehicle graphics and brands that need peace of mind that their branding stays consistent across a large volume of print.

These industrial sized printers allow us to print at speeds that suit the clients’ needs. Enabling us to work to very tight deadlines, supply quick turnarounds whilst never compromising on quality ensuring we deliver every project on time to the highest standard.

We can advise on the best vinyl materials to use for your livery, taking into consideration the running time of your campaign, weather conditions as well as size and type of vehicle.

Our professional team of highly trained experts can also install your printed livery graphics as part of our service meaning all you need to worry about is the design itself.

Taxi Wraps

Our livery is easy to remove whilst still maintaining a high level of durability and effectiveness whilst in use.

If you are considering vehicle livery for your business then please get in contact with one of our experts who can happily advise you based on your needs.

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