Floor Graphics

We print and install floor graphics for indoor and outdoor use. We specialise in using the range of AsphaltArt products – revolutionary floor graphics materials for any substrate.

We can transform any type of ground surface including grass, concrete, stone and even tiles floors into valuable advertising spaces whether indoor or outdoor. We can recommend printing to a range of durable and versatile floor graphics materials depending on length of use and foot fall.  The printed floor graphics will be easy to install and then remove as required. We print floor vinyl to bespoke designs for advertising and signage on shops, malls, schools, museums and galleries, sporting events and leisure centres. Digital floor coverings are increasingly being designed for use in hotels, restaurants and domestic interiors, where they contribute to stunning interiors.

We use self adhesive vinyls or one of the range of Asphalt Art products to provide eye catching advertising or branding opportunities, effective directional signage and design statements for these uses.

Bespoke flooring designs can also be printed in large format graphics to a custom design to create contemporary flooring in retail interiors, restaurants and hotels.