Escalator Branding

Social Distancing on Escalators

Using escalator step graphics with a social distancing message on the steps and risers ,you can help ensure social distancing is maintained by the general public.

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It’s more important than ever to stand out with your advertising, and getting the attention of the public can be a real challenge. With a set of escalator graphics, or a printed escalator branding campaign, your business can make a lasting impression on passers-by, creating a talking point with a memorable outdoor advertisement. 

escalator branding at London Bridge StationWhat is escalator branding?

Escalator branding involves printing and installing a set of large format graphics onto either the glass bannisters, or the front face of the steps of an escalator, often to form a cohesive set of rolling images. As people approach the escalator, this ‘front on’ perspective makes the image appear flat and clear, and leaves a lasting impression.

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PressOn work with the UK’s leading experts in escalator step branding, Motion Icon UK, to offer a comprehensive escalator branding printing service – our expert project managers work closely with all our clients to help them find the perfect solutions for their individual requirements. 

Escalator branding gets people talking 

When installed in areas of high footfall, escalator branding does more than just communicate your advertisement or branding message – it also gets people talking. ‘Shareability’ has become an increasingly valuable metric for advertisements, and the unusual and striking nature of escalator graphics makes them popular talking points both in person and online. 

This kind of natural sharing can be difficult to achieve with traditional forms of outdoor advertising, but the escalator branding format lends itself to this naturally. This unusual medium is also ideally placed to stick in the minds of consumers: with long dwell times – 60 seconds average approach time and 30 seconds on the escalator – your advert has plenty of time to get them talking and sharing. 

Motion Icon escalator brandingA unique creative opportunity

For a set of truly memorable, creative graphics, escalators are the perfect ‘blank canvas’ . The unusual physical motion of the medium means graphics can gradually reveal themselves, or even tell a story – something that can be difficult to achieve in other formats. This provides a fantastic opportunity not only to make a lasting impression for your brand, but to do so in a way that demonstrates your own creative innovation, and a forward-thinking approach to marketing and messaging. 

24 hour advertising

One of the biggest setbacks with some forms of advertising is that they become ineffective at certain times of the day. Depending on the location in question, a set of escalator graphics can offer round-the-clock exposure for your brand. In settings such as train stations and airports, these installations can reach consumers on a 24/7 basis – making these graphics a cost-effective marketing or branding solution.

Escalator branding from PressOnHigh visual quality

Arguably the most important factor in how effective a set of out of home graphics are lies in their aesthetic quality. Using cutting edge large format printing equipment, combined with years of expertise, PressOn print graphics with the highest level of visual quality to ensure perfect clarity and a high-impact finish for viewers.  

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