The Best Types Of Outdoor Advertising For Christmas Campaigns

by Nigel Webster
on 27th November 2019

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year. From the comfort of our homes to bustling city centres, the whole nation transforms itself in festive, celebratory style. Decorations, trees, and lights aside, Christmas is also a fantastic period of opportunity when it comes to outdoor advertising. As the festive period closes in, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas campaigns – here are some of the best types of outdoor advertising you can use…

Retail Graphics

The festive period is the busiest time of the year for retailers. Consumers flock to the shops to purchase an abundance of food, decorations, and gifts for one another, and for many brands the revenue from the winter months provides the majority of their annual profits.

With this in mind, when it comes to advertising, retailers can benefit from a few types of outdoor printed media in particular…

Mirror Vinyl

Mirror vinyl is such an exciting material, we’ve written an entire blog post about it! When it comes to achieving a festive aesthetic, metallic golds, silvers, reds and greens are central. Traditionally, it’s been hard to print directly onto a metallic surface, because the reflective material bounces the lasers of a printer back on itself and essentially blows it up. (Ok this is a slight James-Bond-esque exaggeration, but the principle is the same.)

However, with modern, cutting-edge print technology – such as the equipment we run in the PressOn print room – it’s possible for experienced and skilled print specialists to print directly onto mirrored or reflective vinyl. This opens up all kinds of creative avenues for advertisers, allowing them to put together some really memorable – and effective – Christmas campaigns.

Window graphics

During the winter months and the festive period, many shoppers spend a large amount of their time in busy commercial areas. This inevitably means that a large number of potential consumers or clients will be walking past a lot of windows – and window graphics are one of the best types of outdoor advertising for Christmas campaigns.

Window graphics are a brilliant way to advertise a sale, a product, a Christmas discount or unique offering, and with the power of modern printing, there is almost unlimited creative potential. Considering the weeks during this period are cold and wet (particularly in the UK!), browsing shoppers are often looking for a good reason to duck into a store out of the winter chill – a fantastic window graphics campaign is often enough to tempt them inside.

Lift graphics

his dark materials Christmas lift graphics

With so many of us flocking to shopping centres and city hubs over the Christmas period, the festive winter period sees huge footfall traffic in large commercial spaces such as shopping centres. These kinds of buildings often feature lifts – which are also a fantastic platform for outdoor advertising (see the image above, featuring graphics we produced for Limited Space and the BBC)

Graphics can be installed on the doors and internal walls of a lift, and are a fantastic way to communicate your branding or campaign messaging in a novel and impactful way. They also offer all kinds of creative potential for advertising too, which can make for some very effective marketing.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at our blog post which covers everything you need to know about ordering lift graphics.

Floor graphics

Misa pop up graphics

In the same way that window graphics can tempt potential customers into your store, you aren’t restricted to only using the vertical space available in your store or local shopping mall. Floor graphics are a fantastic type of outdoor advertising for a Christmas campaign – they can serve a wide range of purposes, from directing customers to specific sections of an outlet to letting them know about a particular festive offer or deal.

Floor graphics can be printed and installed to a very high standard when using a print specialist such as PressOn, which means they can easily withstand all the wear and tear of the busy Christmas period.

Vehicle Livery

There’s no reason why your outdoor advertisements have to remain static. With outdoor media companies offering vehicle fleet advertising, from trucks wraps to taxi graphics, there are countless opportunities for on-the-go marketing. A good print supplier, such as PressOn, will also be able to turn a project around very quickly – meaning responsive, festive campaigns can be created extremely quickly.

There are few better types of media to reach large numbers of consumers than vehicle graphics and liveries, as they offer 24-hour advertising across a huge geographical area, for a relatively low cost.

Taxi Graphics

Taxis are a brilliant platform for outdoor advertising, and through a range of outdoor media providers, it’s possible to have your branding plastered on the side of a whole fleet of vehicles which are on the road effectively non-stop throughout the festive period.

This is a fantastic way to spread the word about your Christmas campaign across a wide area, without the geographic restrictions of static media. They’re also ideally suited to online brands, who can find standing out in the festive period a challenge, when physical advertising is so prevalent.

Truck Graphics

Similarly to taxis, trucks are an ideal advertising platform for medium-sized or online brands, but they offer the benefit of potentially much wider scope, as many truck routes cover entire regions nationally. That said, they’re still suitable for more local areas, and a truck media provider like In Your Space will be able to offer you a variety of placement options.

The festive period is a great time of year to run a truck graphics campaign, as so many deliveries are being made around the clock. They’re a brilliant way of making your business seem extremely popular and busy, and injecting a bit of Christmas cheer onto the motorways can have a really positive impact on your brand perception. (It worked for Coca Cola, after all!)

If you’d like to know more about how truck graphics work, and why they’re so effective, take a look at our article on why truck media is so effective.

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Written by
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