2019 in Print: Perspectives On PressOn’s Printing Figures

by Andy Wilson
on 12th February 2020

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We approach each project at PressOn with a commitment to precision. This sees us working closely with numbers in all sorts of capacities — from ensuring that all graphics are printed perfectly to scale, to identifying specific requirements for varying amounts of ink and different kinds of substrates. 

As we cast our minds back across 2019 in our yearly roundup and reflect on its many different brilliant projects, we thought we’d take a look at the bigger picture, and take a broader overview of some of our yearly totals. 

This includes the total number of hoarding panels we’ve produced, total metres of lift graphics produced and the combined meterage of our entire output of printings. 

To put things in context (and make them a bit easier to picture) we’ve drawn some comparisons with weird and wonderful creatures and design features from around the world. As we look back at a fun-filled and project-packed 2019, these comparisons are a great way to out the scope of our printing projects into perspective! 

Hoarding panels

Hoarding panels are a dynamic means of covering a building site, due to their ability to do so much more than just protect it. They can be used to visually transform its appearance, spreading a message or building brand awareness at the same time as shielding passersby from unsightly construction work and related dust and debris. 

From double-height hoardings to custom shapes that create an illusion and backlit paneling, we’ve improved building sites across the UK in a wide array of different ways in 2019, 

In 2019, we printed:

2,541 8×4 foot hoarding panels.

That’s equivalent to:

20,328 vertical metres of hoarding, which is 10.95 times the depth of the Grand Canyon!

This means we printed:

10,164 horizontal metres of hoarding graphics.

This is the same as:

8.84 times the length of the world’s longest scarf, which was handwoven in Cambodia in July 2018 and reached an astonishing 1,149.8 metres. 

We also printed:

3,100 metre whole sheets.

That’s the same length as:

The amount of load tape used in constructing the world’s largest hot air balloon, which carried 32 passengers and reached a massive volume of 750,000 cubic feet!

As regards custom hoarding graphics, i.e. panels with special effects such as gold, silver and/or brushed textures, we produced 166 sheets in 2019. This is an increase on last year’s figure and a total which is the same height in metres as the Vidaru Dam in Romania. The steep drop is where unicyclist Flaviu Cernescu successfully performed a one-of-a-kind and death-defying stunt in 2015, making his way across it on a tightrope!

Taxi liveries

An eye-catching way of reaching an audience of millions, custom-designed liveries are being embraced by increasing numbers of different brands. In 2019, we liveried a total of 702 vehicles. 

This includes:

619 Tx4 taxis

81 Tx5 taxis

And 2 Peugeots

Covering such a large number of vehicles involved printing:

15,267 linear metres of vinyl in total

This is the same as:

47.1 copies of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, all stacked on top of one another!

Grand totals

We printed a grand total of:

115,000 square metres of artwork

across all our projects in 2020; including printed vehicles, fabric box banners, elevator wraps, and pop-up shops.

You could fit the Taj Mahal and the walled gardens surrounding the wonder of the world into this area 383.33 times!

If you would like to discuss design ideas and explore how we can help you realise them with printed graphics with our expert team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Written by
Andy Wilson Managing Director