Constructions or building projects in schools, colleges and universities often require printed materials to advertise the companies involved, local sponsors and contributors, or to provide information about the project in progress. Digitally printed hoardings are durable high impact graphics that can be used for medium to long term building projects.

Window graphics are a cost effective solution to divide internally glazed spaces or to provide interest or privacy from passers-by. Self-adhesive glazing vinyl in a range of finishes is ideal for this. Vinyl floor graphics in hard wearing scratch resistant materials provide excellent directional way finding. Self-adhesive vinyl in a range of finishes is ideal for this.

Wall murals are commonplace in schools, college and universities, often showcasing artistic achievements of pupils. Printed as digital wallpaper, these wall graphics can cover vast spaces with seamless high quality printed material.

To get a quick Ballpark Cost for a project why not try our online print calculator. You can also contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

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